Kargil vijay diwas

celebrating the high fondness of the Kargil Heros. Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated every year.
Tribute is given to the soldiers who were martyred during the war against Pakistan at the Amar
Jawan at the India Gate by the Prime Minister of India and the Indian Armed forces. Functions
are organized in colleges and Government Institutes; Flag hoisting is done. Tricolour is seen
everywhere; kids wear pinned badges in their pockets to show some love towards the country.
In Schools competitions like speech, essay, debate, oratory, and activities are held to imitate
patriotic feelings. One of the main events the people wait to see is the parade and the stunts
performed by the Army officials. Historical heritage around the country is lighted up with
the colours of the Indian Flag. Patriotism vibes are felt everywhere. India is a land of braves.
they fight to claim what is theirs. Which India proved by winning the Kargil war against our
neighbours Pakistan. Due to which Kargil diwas is celebrated every year. And this time it’s the
22nd anniversary of the Kargil Vijay Diwas. let’s remember those who never came back for us.
for those who sacrificed their lives that the ice heights of batalik, Dras and Kargil. Kargil Vijay
was named after the success of India in operation Vijay is celebrated on 26 July every year. On
this day in 1999, India successfully took command of the out high post which had been lost
by Pakistan. the Kargil war was fought for almost 60 days which resulted in the loss of life on
both sides. in the end, I will only say one thing that remembers your heroes and if you can’t do
anything for this beautiful country then just trying of becoming a citizen worth dying for.
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