Khadi Prakritik Paint, India's Only Paint Made From Cow Dung

Khadi Prakritik Paint, India's Only Paint Made From Cow Dung 

Union minister Nitin Gadkari announced that he will be the brand ambassador of Khadi Prakritik Paint, which was launched on 12 Jan this year. The paint would be promoted throughout the country to urge young entrepreneurs to set up manufacturing units, said Gadkari.

He rejoiced "Even inaugurating infrastructure projects worth lakhs of crores of rupees is not as pleasing and satisfying as inaugurating this manufacturing unit". 

Why This Innovation Is A Big Deal
Interior pollution in India has not been debated much. People are unaware of the dangers associated with paints. The paint generally used to decorate homes is made of toxic chemicals such as volatile organic compounds( VOCs), Pb(lead), toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate and glycol.

These toxic chemicals may cause both short term and long term health issues. Dizziness, headache and itchiness are the immediate effects of being exposed to these chemicals. Furthermore, some symptoms could be the same as virals or colds which could be difficult to differentiate.
As far as immediate sickness is concerned it could be treatable at the earliest. But years of exposure to these hazardous chemicals may lead to severe ailments like Cancer, respiratory disease and heart disease. According to reports, Painters or individuals who are exposed to VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) are more likely to suffer kidney damage.

Children are the most vulnerable to the pollutants as they have a higher metabolic rate(~ rate of oxygen consumption is higher than adults). As a result, they are more likely to get harmed by breathing in polluting air. 

Why it should be promoted

To aware citizens of indoor pollution and looking after their health. This paint is free from hefty metals like lead, mercury and chromium. Apart from this, the paint is cost-effective, antifungal and antibacterial

Undoubtedly, It will support the rural economy. Dairy farmers will make the most of farming. From selling milk to cow dung they can make more money. By promotion, more manufacturing units can be set up in rural areas, which would create sustainable local employment.

People should be aware of the quality or Hazards linked with any product out in the market.
Its far sensible to read the quality of the product than reading hospital bills 


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