Life and Work of R.N.Tagore(7th May,1861- 7th August,1941)

One of the greatest person in the world i.e., Rabindranath Tagore was born in the year 1861.He is also famous by his pen name Bhanu Singh Thakur (Bonita), and also known by his nicknames Gurudev, KabiGuru as well as Biswaka Kavi. Professionally he was a poet, musician as well as artist plus dramatist who took birth in Indian Sub-Continents. He is the one who reformed the Bengali Literature and music, as well as Indian Art with Contextual Modernism. Author of the profoundly sensitive, fresh and amusing words of Gitanjali, in 1930, he was the one who won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Tagore’s poetic songs where observed as spiritual and mercurial; however, his elegant prose and magical poetry remain largely unknown out Bengal. He was also  called as “The Bard of Bengal”.

Rabindranath Tagore was a great poet and was considering ― “Artist of Life”, because he knew the art of life and living. An artist is considered as true lover of life he can communicate with both the Almighty God and at the same time perform duties for the society and the world. According to him the most important thing is practice of realizing and affirming the presence of the infinity in all the things. He considers every day as a process of surrounding ourselves and reducing and removing obstacles with the spirit of Supreme Being. Extending one consciousness towards devotion and service and goodness and love is what one should have. He was well familiar with the inner secret of life and the true relation between Man and the God and the Universe. And most importantly he was not a world refusing mystic leaving in seclusion and avoiding the company of fellow human and society. He was a true lover of life and has the courage to happily face and accept what life presents in front of him. He also had a great knowledge of being practical and rendering services to humanity of how to translate the inner to the outer and his medium was through the inspiration of duty. 

He says: ― “It is very characteristic of life that it is not complete within itself; it must come out. It truth is in the commerce of the inside and the outside”. And he further says that: ― “When a man feels the rhythmic throb of the soul- life of the whole world in his own soul, then he is free”. He was one of the most inspiring men who feel that the main characteristics which should be present in an artist are the way of dealing life. One must gain the ability of positive attitude towards the leaving world on the basis of his or her profound understanding of the dual reality of life. This duality exist in once own goodness and without it no creation would be possible. Love is the alpha and omega of all life and existence which could transform and harmonize everything.

What does the word realize me? According to Tagore when we perceived, comprehended and realize our inseparableness with God, we called itself realize or God Realize. 

Tagore says: “Our existence is meaningless if we can never expect to realize the highest perfection.” He further says that ― “God can be known by joy and by love”. For joy is knowledge in it completeness, it should be known by our whole being. Intellect sets up apart from the thing to be known, but love knows it object by fusion. Such knowledge is immediate and admits no doubt.” The realize one is completely free because he speak from the very core of existence and address the universal heart of the naked and natural human being, excellently devoid of dogmas and isms, cast and creeds and any kind of national or other boundaries. Such a man was Rabindranath Tagore.

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