LEARN YOUR LIFE BY YOUR WAY/JOURNEY

There is always a conflict between our heart and mind to explore or to cling on with the wise people’s saying before starting our track of life/career. In my opinion I require I both to be implemented in life as not everything can be known to everyone. But choose try your journey to write your novel and recite it to others. An unguided travel will always have various adventures and mysteries to be revealed, “Life is a journey explore your experience by unfolding mysteries”.  

“Life is a stage where men and women are mere players

They come and play their part and leave the stage” – Words told by Shakespeare

 So no one is permanent and don’t depend on others make yourself depended on you. As an infant you try to crawl then try to walk followed by jogging and finally running. Each and every step is taken by you is your effort to grasp things at every level and learn them after you mature every stage in life. Instead of getting guidance try to gain your guidance by making your way of what your mind says. You can do work your thinking tells you as it has never gone wrong. If you learn without training you will never forget your lesson that made you perfect out of the incidence. As you learn without training you improve your skills and your character to understand every aspect in life.

“Not everyone is perfect it is life shaping people in their own destiny”

Help yourself in understanding things without your rage or anger controlling you. You’re thinking and actions in life helps you decide who you are. Trespass your limits and create your path where there is a block. As you move forward you will face every aspect of life understanding factors like adjustments, emotions, sadness, sorrow. The more you explore, the deep you learn and face boldly to overcome your hinderances out of courage. Guidance helps you to travel safely but own path makes you to face the obstacle and how strong you are by heart. And it is an unavoidable fact that still 2 out of 4 children are handled and guided until their old days without they taking their own pavement. “Help children to find paths but don’t travel with their paths as the path will travel and teach them the value of them”.

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