Love or friendship

Love is an intense feeling towards someone but as a science student I call it just hormonal action.

Friendship is the purest love…

– osho

Friendship is the sweetest form of love. Try to find love and friendship both in same person.

It is an intense affection towards a person or thing. It maybe anything like if a person read the novel and their hobby is to read a novel. By doing this he or she is just forget everything what is happening in this whole world. They can do anything just to read the next part of the book. Their mood is depend on what is going on in that novel.

Like if a person attracted towards someone, then the person sacrifice their own happiness for them.

As parents sacrifice their happiness just for the sake of their child’s happiness. They do everything just to see a smile on our face. that

Mother’s and father’s love is very different as we see mother’s love everyday Like- how can she make good meals for us, she make us feel good when we at our worst.

If we need something we don’t directly go to the Dad, we just say that to the mom and as a postman mom deliver our messages to the Dad. And she convinces the dad for doing that.

Dad don’t show us that how much they love us, how much day care for us. But he do every single thing everyday just to give us some comfort.

I Remember one thing in when my mom was admitted to the hospital, my dad has a bicycle there was a little seat on its rod and where I used to sit and a seat is also on back of the bicycle where my brother was used to sit. Dad take us to the hospital by bicycle and we used to talk all over the way to the hospital and it is best my memory of life.

My Dad was dropping and picking me up after school is my best memories of school time.

Dad work all the day just for us. So that we spend time with mom. And that is another way of showing love.

Dad was always doing things for me we talked like friends. And also my mom behave like a friend to me. We always share our feelings, everything. Mom never judge me what I say. She always understands my intentions. She always wants me to do right. She motivates me.

Whenever I think of that time, Nostalgia hit me like a truck.

In today’s world everyone thought love is just only between two couples.

Love has no limitations. It may be started from a little child’s affection towards their toy to a various sacrifices of our parents.

Pure love has sacrifices, trust, affection, care, mutual understanding. There is no space for selfishness.

Friendship is very important in every single relationship.

If there is no friendship in between parent – student, teacher – student, 2 couples or every single relationship then that relationship has to end at last.

Like we observe the relationship between 2 best friends are unbroken. No matter what happens between them their bond always remains same.

So only love is not necessary for a relationship, friendship is more important.

In every relationship, love and friendship both is very important.

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