Marriage Market Prevailed In Indian Society

The most prevailed system of financial transaction followed in India is marriage market which takes place during the time of marriage. Dowry which is offered by the bride’s side to her groom is like a ritual practice universally in Indian society. In the name of gifts and presents people mostly pressurize the bride mates to offer a bulk amount of dowry. These are not only gifts given with a happy heart but one who gives birth to a girl is bounded to follow such traditions in the name of rituals. One of the root causes of people getting disappointed during a birth of a girl child is the marriage market which is prevailed in our society. And because of this system girls are considered as a burden for the family and due to this reason people usually practice abortion so that they can avoid payment of dowry during their marriage.

This dowry provided during the time of marriage in India usually results as poverty for several households also relative weakness of formal financial markets. Apart from this the expenses of the wedding itself charges high cost and in addition to this dowry successfully plays a significant role in investment of the entire saving amount. According to the Indian Government, giving as well as asking for dowry is a social ill that is not meant to be practice by us. The government has also passed many laws and legislatures regarding it but it seems that all efforts have gone in vain. We live in a contemporary world were we believe in the scheme of modernism and equality and in this time practicing such ill works are not acceptable. It is found that if more females are employed and educated as well as given equal opportunities as men are provided than this rate of dowry may reduce and practice of such marriage market will also fall down. Marriage is something which is it too pure but we human beings have made this a kind of business. First thing which is mostly kept in the mind during the time of marriage is jati and dowry. Dowry were the essential part in every wedding and this was found during the time of 1975 but now if we look at the system it has developed a lot. If there is some negative side there is positive too. Now with the passage of time we all have developed a lot and our mind set has also changed. Today also dowry ritual is followed but in rare case people refuse to take dowry and as an alternative of it they want an educated girl and an employed one too.

Dowry tradition is something which is followed from generation to generation and will be followed too but with the passage of time this rate is decreasing and it is expected to decrease more. If each one of us will decide to boycott such custom and also boycott the one who supports such ill tradition than that day will not be much far when such dowry will end up and no girl will be burned or murdered inside the mother’s womb.

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