Media Law in India

Communication is considered to be a procedure, which people use to exchange information on a daily basis by various methods which are present and media is known to be the medium or an instrument of communicating or storing information. ‘Media’ is the popular term which is used as ‘Press’ which denotes the electronic and print information carriers – all the newspapers and all the magazines, television and radio and presently it includes the Internet as new form of Media. It is hailed as the “Fourth Pillar” of the democracy, media is considered to be the watchdog of all the public affairs in the country, informing the people, it mainly acts as a forum to advocate the opinions and views of the society as a whole to the people who are at the helm of the public affairs of the country. Media Law is not considered to be a conception which is primarily used to touch upon a uniform or an integrated body of law of crimes or the law of contracts. It is known to be an amalgamation of a variety of media laws and ethics that are regarded as the most crucial for media industry and a working journalist.  Media law is known to envelope a part of law which largely involves media of all types like Movies, Television, publishing, music, advertisements and also the new media which is the internet and etc.  and it covers over many legal fields, including but not only limited to finance, corporate or any intellectual property, privacy and publicity. Media law is considered to be a law field that is referred to the following: broadcasting, advertising contempt, censorship, copyright, confidentiality, defamation, corporate law, freedom of information, entertainment, information technology, privacy, internet and telecommunication. on one hand the media law regulates principles of the media goods and on the other hand is regulates the formatting and the content of all the media goods which might confer as business. It is due to the technology advances and the emerging and present status of the new media content distribution strategies which are present, the broadcasting and media industry sector in the country is growing on a fast space each day. Media is considered to help and initiate a lot for carrying out many emerging and existing businesses and guarantees various business opportunities to individuals. It contributes in publicizing the business ideas and views and also check the smooth functioning of the same. It largely attracts various investors and it tries to find that the same can be maintained or not. The paper is used to mainly deal with the new business opportunities which are present and so provided by the media to many Start up projects or other different investors. Thus, the Media plays a very active role in various corporate affairs and does thereby help in the growing of the many new businesses and makes strong the existing businesses. Thereby it can be concluded that the media laws in India have its relevance in the business opportunities.

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