1. The negative implications of Facebook
  2. Television programs must be censored before broadcasting.
  3. Talking during movies at the theater is rude behavior.
  4. How the paparazzi hinders free press
  5. The good and bad when it comes to Google
  6. The paparazzi are the real stalkers.
  7. Celebrities get away with everything.
  8. Video games are not evil.
  9. Downloading copyrighted MP3s is piracy.
  10. Sex and violence on television is harmful to children.
  11. Ad spots in news programs should be banned.
  12. News media should give equal attention to all politicians.
  13. There is nothing real about reality TV.
  14. Social media should be blocked at work places.
  15. Fake news writers should be punished.
  16. Word of mouth will always be the best form of advertising.
  17. TV’s will soon be a thing of the past.
  18. Romantic movies set unrealistic standards.
  19. Ads aimed at children should be strictly regulated.
  20. Television has become the number two news source after the internet and tv will be further downsized.
  21. Beer advertisements promote irresponsible drinking and ought to be banned from the communal street views.
  22. Harry Potter books are popular even among adults.
  23. News reporters earn money because of people who make a mess of their lives.
  24. No news is good news!
  25. Books should never be burned in public.

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