Mental Health

Today in the 21st century where we can get things at the tip of our fingers, where there are flying cars, one can see each other from any corner of the world; where one can shop for food, clothes, house everything from their mobile phone but still our mind is not happy or is at peace which creates mental
health issues.

Today we are physically strong but mentally weak. Our body is perfect yet our minds are chaotic. Today we have everything but still, our mind desires more of other things which makes our minds unhappy, jealous, and unsatisfied with our life.
Mental health has been one of the most important health issues in today’s time. People have thousands of friends on Facebook but still no one to hear their problems. It makes a person feel low self-esteem, self-doubt, depression, and anxiety too. If your mind is not happy then no matter what you do; no matter whom you are with, you won’t feel good at all.

It feels like you are with all the people around you, and yet you may lose yourself in the crowd. Mental health issues make you feel sad and add negative contemplations to your brain which impacts your daily life.

It makes you feel bored and lazy to do the job. One going through mental health problems always try to isolate themselves and they don’t socialize with people usually. They have irregular sleeping patterns. They start consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes which makes them feel better.

One of the most important reasons behind the rise of this Issue is today’s digital world we live in. Where we are provided with every information we want but also exposes us to the information we are not supposed to have. Too much exposure to something always leads you to the negative side. People get wrongly influenced by this information which results in wrong thoughts.

But still today in our society having mental health problems is a stigma. People are afraid to tell others about their problems because society judges them. Which makes it even more worse for people to talk. But this stereotype is slowly breaking, people are now accepting this as completely normal.

People can talk to their friends, family, or with someone, they can connect with. Talking about problems and feelings will always help you to reduce your stress and stay calm. People can start doing meditation or play outdoor games, or socialize with people which would definitely help them with their problems.

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