Rainy season is on. Many mosquitos gonna form and attack so, it’s better for us to get prepared to fight against mosquitos. Here, I’m going to explain the benefits and drawbacks of each. It will be useful for us to the make right decision in purchasing products.

electric MOSQUITO BAT:


  1. It does not give off vapors of toxic chemicals like other repellents.
  2. It is cheap, highly effective, handy and reusable.
  3. Some of them have a torch light also. It is not only used for mosquitoes, but also for small insects like bees, house flies, etc. 
  4. It is convenient to use.
  5. The mosquito dies instantly before our eyes.
  6. Not much weight to hold on . It usually feels like you are playing tennis .
  7. No pollution to the environment .
  8. Humans will not get affected by harsh chemicals.


  1. All mosquitoes can’t die at a time . Some Mosquitoes can escape from our sight.
  2. Takes time to search and kill.
  3. When a mosquito contacted in the bat. The mosquito bat sounds like a diwali cracker.
  4. Should not be used when gas is leaked in your house. It may explode.
  5. It should also be kept away from the children as it is not a toy.



  1. Time consumption less.
  2. All mosquitoes dies at a time.


1. Mosquito sprays and liquid vaporizers contain chemicals like pyrethin and diethyl toluimide (DEET) which cause breathing difficulty, respiratory problems, dizziness, stomach irritation, nausea, vomiting, skin infections and so on.

2. An one time usage of mosquito-repellent vaporizer and the amount of 100 cigarettes smoked is roughly same. The release of ultrafine grain by the Vaporizer can be retained in the lungs and triggers asthma in the short term and in long term it could cause cancer.

3. It pollutes the environment on a high level.

4. It is costly hence, it has to buy once the liquid gets over.

5. Causes health issues on children , adults and aged people.

6. In rare cases , Prolonged usage and intake can cause even death .

7. Can be used only for mosquitoes .multi usage of it is not possible.

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