Most expensive things in the world

Luxury is a lifestyle for rich, and apart from money madness, there is madness for rare and most expensive items ever made. Earlier, kings and queens used to be the people who could afford luxury a grand place, royal chariot, precious diamonds and jewellery, hidden treasures etc. we still listen to stories of hidden treasures hidden in secret chamber. The stories can be real no doubt so there are still the chances of discovering treasure.
Well even today there are modern emperors, and they are truly rich since like

• The Saudi king Salman Bin Abdulaziz, his family and he himself is very private about the wealth that they own. But he is one of the richest modern day king.
• Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah who is also the prime minister of his country and second longest reigning monarch after queen Elisabeth II is also one of the richest monarchs today.
Similarly, there are many like apart from monarch, we have billionaires and millionaire. The powerful people in terms of money mostly industrialists and CEO of multinational companies.

But, it will be interesting to know what are the most expensive things in world right now
Salvador Mundi
It is a popular creation of great painter Leonardo da Vinci. The word Salvador Mundi which refers to savour of the world is one of the most expensive art pieces ever made, it was made for king Louis II of France later, the painting went missing for a long period, it came back in limelight when a person repurchased it the last however as per the record it was last bought by a Saudi Prince for $ 450 million.

The Graff Dimond Hallucination

The Graff diamond Hallucination is a master crafted watch designed and created by Lawrence Graff , owner of Graff diamonds. The watch is studded with precious stone making it unique in all the aspects like design, cost, etc.
It has rare pieces of diamonds that are of different variety. Turning a simple utility item into a piece of art, a bench mark of luxury and royalty is what this Graff diamond watch is all about.

Crystal piano
The crystal piano made by the Crystal music company based in Netherlands have made one of the most expensive and beautiful music instrument in the world, it cost around $3.22 million. It looks crystal transparent and very exceptional piece of art in the world of music.

Dimond panther bracelet
The bracelet belongs to Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII, precious and hand crafted diamond studded one of its kind bracelet ever made. It costs around 4 12.4 million.

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