Mothers are always special to everyone. Right from the time of birth, we are always closely attached to our moms. No one can understand, love, and care for a person unconditionally more than a mother does. She is the fundamental need for a child and no one could ever try to replace her place. The relationship of a child and mother is always everlasting and strong than any other relationship as the bond is formed 9 months before birth. So, many beautiful songs portray the astonishing bond between a child and a mother.

  • Song: Amma endru 

Movie: Kannan

Singer: KJ Yesudas

Lyricist: Vaali

Composer: Ilayaraaja

This melodious song is a tribute to all mothers. It describes the qualities of a mother and she is quoted as God. The care and love showered by the hero on his physically challenged, aged mom is portrayed. The line “Amma endru azhaikatha uyir illaye” meaning there is no life that doesn’t call amma is enough to narrate the worth.

  • Song: Chinna Thayaval 

Movie: Thalapathy

Singer: S. Janaki

Lyricist: Vaali

Composer: Ilayaraaja

Another soothing melody that explains the motherly love for a son. This song comes when the hero sees his mother for the first time in a temple. The lyrics are penned in a way how a mother would sing for her son.

  • Song: Aarariraro 

Movie: Raam

Singer: KJ Yesudas

Lyricist: Snehan

Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja

        A very beautiful song that everyone remembers thinking of their mothers. It is a lullaby that a son sings for his mother and praises his mother in all ways. Everyone felt and wanted this line to happen in our lives when we heard “Iraiva ne aanai idu thaaye enthan magalai maara” – God, please give an order that my mother should become my daughter.

  • Song: Neeye Neeye 

Movie: M. Kumaran son of Mahalakshmi

Singer: KK

Lyricist: Vaali

Composer: Srikanth Deva

        This is a very enthusiastic song that shows that mother and son both are made of one soul but two human forms. This song portrays the love and affection that a son has for his mother who is a single parent. The whole movie revolves around the friendly bond between the mother and her son. The line “Unnai pol orr thai than iruka enna vendum vaazhvil jeika?” meaning when I have a mom like you, what else do I need to succeed in life? is always bliss.

  • Song: Kaalaiyil dhinamum 

Movie: New

Singer: Unni Krishnan and Sadhana Sargam

Lyricist: Vaali

Composer: AR Rahman

        A lovely song that a son sings for his mother first and later to his pregnant wife as a husband. The song tells that the definition of love and affection is ‘Amma’(Mother).

  • Song: Aasapatta ellathayum 

Movie: Viyabari

Singer: Hariharan

Lyricist: Parinaman

Composer: Deva

        “Aasapatta ellathayum kaasu iruntha vangalam… amma va vaanga mudiyuma?”

A thoughtful song that explains that although you can buy everything with money, no money can buy a mother and her love. Also, it says that no relationship can equal a mother in its lyrics.

These are some songs that come to every Tamilian’s mind when we think of a tribute to mother. Stay tuned to know a few more in part-2.  

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