There is no life without a mother. She is a precious soul who is completely selfless when it comes to her child. This article is a continuation of part 1 of this article. This is a tribute to all the mothers out there and a realization post for all the sons and daughters through the best mom songs in Kollywood.

  • Song: Kalli kaatil  

Movie: Thenmerku paruvakaatru

Singer: Vijay Prakash

Lyricist: Vairamuthu

Composer: NR Raghunanthan

“Kalli kaatil pirantha thaaye enna kall odachi valartha neeye”

        This harmonious melody is a realization song for the children. It describes the hardships faced by a mother to raise her son. Everyone will realize the value of a mother in listening to this song. 

  • Song: Aararo aariraro 

Movie: Siruthai

Singer: Srivardhini 

Lyricist: Arivumathi

Composer: Vidyasagar

This song is a thallatu (lullaby) that a mother beautifully sings for her daughter. The song appears in a situation where a small girl listens to her mother’s song before sleep on a recorder as her mother is no more. Such a soothing lullaby that shows how her mother fosters her daughter.

  • Song: Kangal neeye 

Movie: Muppozhuthum un karpanaigal

Singer: Sithara

Lyricist: Thamarai

Composer: GV Prakash

It is the best mother song in recent times. It describes that a child is every single thing for a mother. This song comes in a scenario where a widow raises her son who cannot walk by carrying him on her shoulders. She works day and night to give treatment for her son to make him walk. Every single line in this song is a gem that expresses a mother’s heart for her child.

  • Song: Nooru saamigal irunthalum 

Movie: Pichaikkaran

Singer: Vijay Antony

Lyricist: Eknath Raj

Composer: Vijay Antony

This song expresses a child’s love for his/her mother. The movie revolves around a rich son who becomes a beggar and leaves all the luxury he has for some days just because to save his mother who was on the death bed. “Nooru saamigal irunthalum amma unnai pol aagiduma” meaning There may be 100s of gods but can they replace you, oh mother? This line is enough to know the worth.

  • Song: Amma amma 

Movie: Velai illa Pattadhari (VIP)

Singer: Dhanush, S. Janaki

Lyricist: Dhanush

Composer: Anirudh Ravichander

A melancholy that narrates the grief of a son on losing his mother. The situation is that the hero’s mother dies suddenly out of cardiac arrest. His mother tries calling him over the phone when she gets the attack. But he fails to pick the call. Maybe, he could’ve saved his mother if he had attended that call. This guilt and grief surround him and there goes this song. How would it feel when your mother who is our whole world, suddenly leaves you all alone?

  • Song: Ellu vaya pookalaye 

Movie: Asuran

Singer: Saindhavi

Lyricist: Yugabharathi

Composer: GV Prakash

An extremely sad song that comes when a son dies and that is not acceptable for his mother. Each word describes the grief of losing a child. No one can hear this song without tears in your eyes. Such a painful song that melts even a stone-heartened person.

So, these are some of the legendary mother sentiment songs that rule everyone’s playlist. Don’t miss to check its part-1.

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