Music – Unarticulated yet a Beautiful Language

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Every living creature living in this universe is divided into different fragments of communities and societies. These societies are present in different countries and parts where we are all unique by the language and culture which we follow which represents our originality.

One thing which we all are united with each other is “Music”. It is one simple form of Art that makes all of us as one human being Community. The beautiful thing about Music is that it doesn’t need any language to be understood neither one tries to understand, rather music is a language of the heart. It is a feeling that everyone connects when they hear music.

Music in Diversity

A language, country, and Culture have always made a bridge among people and created consequences and war between them, but the only thing which unities all humans and breaks these boundaries are the presence of Music.

 In Today’s era, we are all Living in Multicultural communities where we have different types of music tastes and our preferences are unique just like us,  We have people around us who listen to different types of music which don’t match with ours, yet we are all united by music.

Music always creates a sense of belongingness among each other, even though we are unaware of each other’s religion, language and country but through music, it keeps us closer to each other.

We all have some kind of music that connects to our hearts and feelings, we get more connected because the magic a musician uses connects with our own life.

Music is a medium through which our soul remains blissful and we feel stressed from our bustling lives.

For decades, Music is one of those art forms which have revolutionized in many versions but have always gained popularity due to the sense of connectedness between the audiences and the Musicians.

Dated back then, when people used to watch operas which were one of the common elite forms of entertainments, which not only portrayed music but traveled through many stories through the tune of every string played through the music Instruments.

Music took a major role in plays and dramas, which is still Engraved in our magnificent history. It has also contributed a massive hand in legends of  Literature. There were many prominent writers like Jane Austen and Pablo Neruda who claimed music as one of the key factors of human harmony.

Music always renovates as the decades passed by, presently music comes under the Category of Pop Music or Pop culture where many bands are popularizing music by making people aware of how music is important and how it plays a vital role to connect and how even in today’s generation music is helping society to know about the moral attitudes which we all need as human beings.

There are several forms of Music, taking one of the examples is K Pop Music which is gaining worldwide recognition with a high amount of social awareness. We can never forget some great bands like “The Beatles”, who are still considered one of the best Classical bands to date.

BTS“, one of the famously known Boy Bands who are on the top-notch with the extraordinary songs and contribution they are providing to the music industry. There is a fandom for BTS all over the world that shows us that people don’t need any language to get connect rather it’s a heart-to-heart language to understand and feel the music.

Music was never meant to be always vocal, sometimes just a tune is all you need to connect, as rightly some artists like Mozart, Chopin’s explained us through their beautiful music.

Music Is a language that not only connects with a mind and body but also with a soul. No matter whatever the occasion is we humans were bound with music and music has different versions for different situations. The world of Music accepts a very living being that has a soul to connect with.

“We all just need a music to connect, rest the music will ultimately unite us with its alluring tune which strings with our heart forever”.

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