My love affair with paper & pen is something that I would love to share with you all .At an early age of 8 I used to run my fingers through the corners of story books as I love reading them , I used to draw the characters with the help of pencil on the corners of the book . When ever I used to read I always used to have a pen in my hand , I feel paper & pen are the most powerful thing in this whole world , do you want to know how ? I will tell you !

I can put my thoughts on paper , for introverts , who are not able to express themselves in front of any one , writing diary every day works the best . When you have a paper & pen in your hand it has many benefits to you , some of them are :

Provides Clarity –Penning down our thoughts bring structure to the vast inner world of fragmented emotions and thoughts that goes on in our hearts and minds. 

Self-discovery– Journaling helps us to introspect, to gain great insights into ourselves- our strengths, weakness, ambitions, and obstacles which is a step towards personal growth and development. It is one of the roads to self-discovery, so when ever you write on a paper with you pen you are putting you best foot forward to know yourself a bit extra.

Alleviate Stress– Expressing our anger, frustration or sadness on paper reduces the intensity of our emotions and makes us feel calmer hence helping us to gain more clarity and make rational decisions. It lets loose the negativity that we have festering inside us and reduces its deleterious effects. 

Self Expression/Venting Out– When voice fails us, we can express ourselves through written words. While writing down our emotions and thoughts, boundaries of topic, structure, punctuation, grammar and syntax can be transcended to free flowing expression of ourselves. When we write, our thoughts fly from the cage of our restless minds and are clearly displayed on the paper in front of us.

You saw , paper & pen helps you reliving from your stress also . This is what I was talking about . In professional terms also a written statement is considered move valuable & powerful , penning down your thoughts on paper & publishing them will also work the best best for you . It’s not always easy to discern and express our emotions especially when we are going through dark storms in our lives. At that time we might have a cornucopia of turbulent thoughts and emotions which might not be easy to voice. While writing, we don’t have to fear that the paper or diary will have any bias or prejudice towards us or we have to make sense in order to clearly express ourselves. A paper & pen will never be biased towards you , though the whole world be , hence I am in love with them

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