Natural Disasters

A natural disaster us an event which results from the natural processes of the earth. Some of the examples or some of what I’m gonna be elaborating in this article would be Earthquakes, Landslides, Volcanoes, Famines and Droughts and Floods. The main purpose of this article is to enlighten you readers about what are natural disasters, what are the measures we can take to keep ourselves safe and the after effects of being a part of the disaster. After the traumatic experience, make sure to get therapy as you might experience PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and getting therapy could be a great way to overcome the fear which the disaster left inside you.

1) Earthquakes:
Earthquakes are also known as a tremor or a quake. It’s defined as the shaking of the Earth resulting from the sudden energy release in the lithosphere which results in creating seismic waves. Earthquakes can be very weak where there might not be much damage or it could be very violent causing a lot of damage and ruckus and cause destruction. The main thing to do during an earthquake could be to stay away from objects which could easily cause harm to you like glass, windows, doors or anything which could fall. If possible, during an earthquake, sit on your bed and take shelter with the help of your pillow but move away if there’s any object hanging on the ceiling which could fall. Make sure to stay inside and take cover by getting under a sturdy piece of furniture.

2) Landslides:
When large mass of either rocks, debris or earth shows movements by going down a slope, it’s called a landslide. It can be defined as “mass wasting” as there is great movement downslope which is directly caused by gravity. When it comes to landslides, there could be 5 modes or stages of slope movement, i.e., falling, toppling, sliding, spreading and flowing. There might be multiple caused as to what caused a landslide. It could be due to gravity, rainfall, snowfall, Earthquakes, volcanic activity or disturbance by Human activities etc. The first thing you have to do during a landslide is stay away from the slide area, make sure to keep in touch with the radio or television to know what’s happening and to be informed about emergency information.

3) Volcanoes:
When there is a rupture in the crust of any planetary mass object like Earth, it allows stuff like volcanic ash, hot lava and gases to escape which is stored in the magma chamber below the surface. Most of the volcanoes are found underwater or where tectonic plates are either converging or diverging. One of effects of volcanoes on nature could be that they can cause thunder, lightning and rain. If fast moving lava comes in contact with people, it could kill them and the falling ash could make it difficult for them to breathe. It could also cause Famines, fires she earthquakes. The most important thing is to protect yourself during a volcanic eruption. Keep in mind to not drive if there is heavy ash fall and protect yourself from it. Always follow evacuation orders and look for emergency alerts.

4) Famines and Droughts:
Famines are usually the cause that lead to death of people due to extreme shortage of food. Droughts are long periods of insufficient rainfall. Droughts have had worse effects on humankind as they make people suffer. People may suffer due to various reasons, like it could be the reason most farmers don’t get to grow their crops as a result of no rainfall of they might even suffer from thirst which cannot be quenched. Famines can be caused due to inflation, crop failure or even war. The side effects could are malnutrition, starvation and increased mortality.

5) Floods:
Floods are usually described as an overflow of water that submerges dry land. There is major concern in the areas of agriculture, public health when it comes to floods. When there is human changes like deforestation or removal of wetlands, it causes floods. It may occur from water bodies like river, lakes or oceans. To protect yourself against floods, make sure to secure your home and turn off the main utilities like main switches and disconnect electrical appliances.

After all these traumatic experiences, make sure to get therapy as you might experience PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and getting therapy could be a great way to overcome the fear which the disaster left inside you.

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