Nutritive Tomatoes

Tomato is one of the common vegetables in our kitchen. Everywhere in the world You will be able to see tomato. Tomato is an edible berry type of vegetable and its binomial name is Solanumly copersicum. Its origin is western South America and Central America. Tomato is originally color in red but some types of tomato are color yellow, purple, green etc. It tastes sour or sweet or both in the sometime.

Colorful Tomatoes

Tomatoes Diversity

Various type of tomato:

  1. Cherry tomatoes: They are size of a cherry. They are sweet juicy and tender and looks so beautiful. They are mostly used in salad and snacks. They test sour more than sweet. It can be red, yellow, purple and other colors.
  2. Grape tomatoes: They are much smaller than Cherry tomatoes and very tasty. It is also used in salads, grilling, roasting, snacking. They are crispy and juicy.
  3. Red Beefsteak tomatoes: They are mild in taste, juicy and in medium size. They are good to make sauces and salad, grill and Salsa.
  4. Roma tomatoes: They are quite larger than Cherry tomatoes. They are Tangy, have few seeds and meaty. It is good to make sauce and sandwich.
  5. Green beef steak tomato: They are colour in bright light green and in large size and very Meaty. It tastes tangy, tarty. It is eaten as sauce salsa pickling or by juice.
  6. Heirloom tomatoes: They are in various colour like light red dark brown red yellow etc. They are Meaty, firm, tangy or sweets and with good textures. It is used in soup, sandwich and roasting purpose. These are not the only variety of tomatoes. There is also Cocktail tomato, tomatoes on the vine, Green tomato, plum tomato, yellow tomato, pear tomato, Brandywine tomatoes, Cherokee purple tomatoes, black krim tomato, celebrity tomato and many more.

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Red Grape Tomatoes
  • Red Beefsteak tomatoes
  • Roma tomatoes
  • Green beef steak tomato
  • Heirloom tomatoes
  • Pear tomatoes
    Black Krim Tomato
    Plum Tomato
    Tomato on vines
    Yellow Tomatoes
    Tomato as Snakes

    How to eat: Tomato is a vegetable which can be eaten in both cooked and uncooked way. Tomato is a very important ingredient in salad. Tomato soup are very tasty and healthy. There is also other type of dishes are available and you all know about tomato sauce /ketch up which are very common and popular and it taste sweet and sour.

    Tomato soup
    Tomato Salad

    Nutrition value: According to USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) the nutrients present in 100-gram raw tomato is –

    1. Fat 0.2g with 0% daily value.
    2. No saturated fat is present.
    3. No cholesterol 5 mg sodium with 0% daily value.
    4.  237mg potassium with 6% daily value.
    5. 3.9 g carbohydrates with 1% daily value.
    6. 1.2g dietary fiber with 4% daily value.
    7. 2.6 gm of sugar.
    8.  0.9 gm of protein with 1% Daily value.
    9. 22% daily value of Vitamin C.
    10. 5% daily value of Vitamin B6.
    11. 1% daily value of calcium.
    12.  2% daily value of magnesium.
    13. 1% daily value of iron.
    14. Tomato does not contain any cholesterol, fat, vitamin D.
    15. Tomato contains 95% water.
    16. It gives away almost 18 Cal energy.
    17. Tomato is a very good source of vitamin C, fiber, Vitamin A.
    18. Tomato also contains folate(or vitamin B9),Vitamin K, and some antioxidants (Lycopene, beta carotene, chlorogenic acid, Naringenin) etc.
    Tomato for Health

    Health benefits:

    1. lycopene is an antioxidant which prevents the growth of Cancer cells in our body. Tomato contains good amount of lycopene. So, tomato fight against Cancer. Research says that risk chances of prostate cancer can be reduced by consuming tomato.
    2. Tomato is a very good source of vitamin C wards off the Common health disease like common cold, flu. So, tomato is very good vegetable for preventing these common health problems.
    3. Tomato is a healthy diet vegetable as it has very low amount of fat and cholesterol and helps to lose the body weight.
    4. As I have said before, Tomato has lots of Vitamin A. Vitamin A specially zeaxanthin and lutein (a form of Vitamin A) are important for our retina. So, tomato is very good for our eyesight.
    5. Tomato contains many antioxidants which improves our skin health and make our skin much glowing and protects from Sunburn.
    6. Lycopene, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C are good nutrients for our heart. Lycopene helps to reduce the bad LDL cholesterol in blood and thus it protects our heart from various heart health issue including heart attack.

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