Oldest companies

Today the Indian market has uncountable brands and parent companies. It is a highly competitive world where new brands are trying to establish themselves in the market, the companies are trying to overtake one another and new start-ups with unique ideas are launched frequently. While the Indian customers witness the rise and fall of many companies, some are the golden players who have mastered the art of business and running successfully even today, no other company stands close in competition to them. Here is a list of some of the oldest companies in India-

Wadia group of companies
One of the oldest and most reputed company of India. Wadia group was founded by Lovji Nusserwanjee Wadia in 1736. Initially, the company made contracts with British to start the business and it prospered in the later years.
The company has significantly contributed in making Bombay (Mumbai) a port city for trading import export. It is almost 200 years old and was started before India got independent.

Parrys was established in the year 1788 by Thomas Parry’s who bought his business idea to India.The company is based in Tamil Nadu, Chennai where the headquarters is also located. Parry’s deal in Sugar and Nutraceuticals and is functioning for more than 200 years now.
They established the first sugar plant in India in the year 1852 also introduced farm centric model for the first time in 1845. They are working at a large scale specially in South India and Parrys Pure is the only sugar brand to receive the status of ‘super brand’ in India. Additionally, they are into fertiliser business as well.

Otis elevator company
The King of elevator companies it has achieved great heights and earned fame in the market. It is a joint venture between an Indian and American company. It is in India since 1892 they have installed their elevators in none other than Burj Khalifa located in Dubai, one of the most massive sky scrapers of the world. They are still functioning in India manufacturing elevators. There first project was installation of elevators and escalators in New York city’s world trade centre.

Aditya Birla group
Aditya Birla group is an Indian Multinational company. Founder Seth Shiv Narayan started the company in 1857, the starting was based on cotton trading and later the business expanded in the textile sector, as they served during 1850s. After a successful establishment of the name Birla, they went on expanding the business in metals, cement, mining, retail, telecommunication, and other industries. Today, they have highest number of customers and over one lakh employees and number of retail units operating worldwide.

Jindal group
Jindal group is another massive industry group whose presence is in different sector, it initially started as Jindal Steels. The success they achieved as steel producer led to the expansion of company in other areas like mining and power generation. Till date they are biggest steel producer known for the quality and large-scale production. Om Prakash Jindal the founder of Jindal industries with Jindal steels and power in 1979.

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