Olympics amid a pandemic isn't a new thing

Every 4 years, the Olympics obtain the attention of the world by carrying forward its legacy to be one of the oldest sports festivals but this year, the Olympics amid pandemic made its arrangement quite different from other years. Is this the first time when Olympics organized amid a pandemic or it has already happened earlier too? Is this will being the first time when the audience is not there to cheer up players from the whole world?

A century ago, the 1920 Antwerp was awarded to organize Olympics to honour the suffering of Belgium during world war and it was just after a few months of Spanish flu that wreak havoc on the world. In 2010, the H1N1 virus (swine flu) outbreak before 7 months of the game, also threatened the Olympics then it was organized in Vancouver, Canada. In 2016, the Zika virus, a mosquito-born aliment has also affected the game. All these incidents reflect that this is not the first time when the Olympics hold amid a pandemic.

 Olympic takes place every four years and this very reason makes it popular among athletes. Four years of endeavour get one chance to represent the talent and it also breaks and makes astonishing records that let the participation countries proud. This year pandemic makes the game stressful and isolated – no outdoor walk to relieve the stress, no audience to cheer – up players, no outside meeting with people. Although, it is happening in the covid period is a big opportunity for athletes itself.

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