Regulation of OTTS is a matter of great concern for government.

OTT platforms have grown rapidly in India, especially during the coronavirus-induced lockdown period, when the closure of film theatres led several production houses to release their films directly on OTT platforms. And this allows them to conveniently bypass even the basic scrutiny of a film regulatory authority. Many also believe that OTT platforms often perpetuate sexual crimes and soft porn, amplify bloodshed and gore which can potentially inflame passions, especially in young minds. Unregulated content can be damaging especially for a country like ours where communal tensions are not uncommon. Content on OTTs are age restricted , since their is no censor board for such & everyone can watch it , the content is influencing young minds in wrong way , which is why they need to be regulated.

Regulated OTT content could also imply missed opportunities for filmmakers and actors who are lured to the medium for the creative freedom it offers. This is the only drawback of regulation of OTTs . Filmmakers comes to this platform because this platform offers freedom of creativity , they can make whatever they want to , yes it is true that they make what is real , but this reality often brings problems among young minds because these minds are not able to take the message behind the content but grasp the things which are not meant for them .

In my view, self-regulation is highly preferred to strict censorship as the latter will curtail the creative freedom of OTT video platforms. If OTT platforms self-regulate and take adequate measures to ensure prohibited content is not watched by children and carry content descriptors, among other safeguards, they would emerge as the best platforms for content watchers

Broadcasters Association (NBA) regulates news channels, and the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) regulates film content. There is no such regulatory authority operating to scrutinize digital media content. So unregulated content that is now widely accessible owing to cheap data connections and the proliferation of smartphones has become a cause of concern. So there must be a regulatory body for OTTs , so that without violating the rules & guidelines & without showing content which is not good , they can give content which is meant for all & loved by all

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