Pain to Gain!

So the very title, and yes I probably do acknowledge how the initial word would appeal your mind. That’s fine. Stress, Failures, Rejections, Frustrations, Agony, Depression, Pessimism, cynicism, Indolence, Apathy, Indifference… How does these terms sounds like?.. Well am not the genius and even the experts couldn’t suggest a permanent lifetime solution to those who face these barriers. All I could do now is to suggest how they would  appear in someone’s lucid appearance, which may worth the time taken for your eyes to blink a second.

How mean it is to conceive that one is the most innocent victim for all the traps! So.. most probably, all of us would have come across this. While reading this, some amidst us may even think that they are the most experienced in all those. That’s not the issue. But the very thing lies in how we receive it. Again; it is an universal topic that it is not possible for me to discuss each corners and peripheral aspects of something called pain.

For instance a little boy gets slapped often by his parents, an innocent teenager is often blamed for something that he/she has not done, one feels sorry for themself in contrast with others state and what if one faces interruptions in all their endeavours.., It is definite to bring them some bitter feel. It’s never gonna be an astonishing fact that these bitterness is most often inflicted by the environment!

It would have caused much pain for the little boy when he realises someone is much happier next to his door, than the literal pain that he had received during his slaps. It would have caused much pain when someone does mistakes without being noticed whilst the innocent is blamed. It would have caused much pain to the one who is pursuing their studies for a long time while the other go for a work; and that other would feel for losing their studies for the sake of doing some job. It would have caused much pain when others get their things done easily, in accordance with time than the moment when that one person had repeatedly faced interruptions.

I couldn’t disagree with the point that we tend to live our lives with interdependence in this society. But it still remains as a wonder, why are we easily carried upon by others, as even the personal emotion is replaced with the very thought of others life. Pain is something which drives us in a good way when it is internalized. One tends to find the solution when he repeatedly sorts out his faults and amends it. The same feel could be disastrous when it is juxtaposed. There is a saying that ‘Everything appears upon our views’ and here, this could be the suitable one here! Such pessimistic thing would lead to an optimistic track when the pain is optimised in a personal manner.

I wouldn’t like to discuss about the gain here as it is a comfort zone for a  many. ‘Bed of thorns proves to be effective than the Bed of roses’ as as the senses in our skin as well as in our mind gets the strengthened stimulus. It really requires some effort to gain any a thing. It may also be success, happiness, cherishments, ecstacy, satisfaction… Both the pain and gain is something that is present in your ‘ain’ (Yourself).

“Turn the pain to gain, but not to disdain thy ain”!

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