People - Purpose

This is not going to be an informative or factual article but it will be a inquisitive article. So sit back, relax and read it as if you are reading something written in someone’s diary, only that you have been allowed to read this one. 🙂

Have you ever taken the time to just sit back and reflect upon all the billions of people you might have encountered till now and how they were all a part of your life at different moments in life? Have you ever wondered if life had been different to all of them? Or had Life been playing the same cards except with different decks for each one of us..?

If you haven’t then I request you to do this just once. The next time (possibly when pandemic ends) you find yourself amongst a humongous swarm of people, just pause for a second or maybe just sit around somewhere and look at them carefully. (Don’t make it obvious that you are staring them please). Just observe the people who might be passing by. Imagine what they might be going through (It’s okay you don’t have to correctly identify their life situation.This ain’t “Kaun Banega Crorepati”. Try to observe and think if all the desires that they had has been fullfilled or is there still something left incomplete within them?

Well, of course you can’t go and ask all the people to tell their life stories to you. But just try to look through. It doesn’t matter if what you see is wrong but just try to perceive one’s desires.

You soon will realise how little your problem means in this swarm of people. How tiny we all are in this numbers that crosses over billions.

Now I’m pretty sure that most of us have sat back and reflected upon our past times and been grateful for the people we have in our lives or maybe brooded about the ones who left us all alone in this battle of life that we are failing to fight.

Among these people, the ones who are now gone, some must have gone for good while some left without any reason as they hardly cared.

In this course of us meeting them and giving them a place in our hearts, we at times must have found ourselves with void without them, as if a big hollow is carved in our chest.

But with these people now gone and time being pretty kind to us, the void starts and we realise no emptiness ever resided there.

And in this filling up of an invisible hollow we come to know our deepest desires and wishes. We come to know that what we thought was never the way it was. We come to know that those people who never cared and left without a flinch doesn’t matter much but are still a part of our beautiful memories.

So this what I think. I think

With people we find our purpose. If we fail to find it, then keep looking. Keep seeing through that swarms of people. Know that all these who were never a part your of social life but still your living life, are also searching for their deepest wishes somewhere. You too should continue to search with them.

You’ll soon come to know that on a road solely chosen by you, you’d still find unknown faces that’ll never be part of “your” life but would still be persons whom you brushed past. You’ll realise that it’s people who’d continue to bring you happiness and people who’d be a part of your purpose. 🙂

Sorry for the incoherence in my chain of thoughts!

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