People who single handedly brought a CHANGE in the society

What we learn from our society we follow that and pass on the same to the generation which follows. In India, if anyone wants to make a change in the normal dynamical functioning of a society, they are generally demotivated by the statement that “What will happen by a SINGLE PERSON’s efforts”. This is what we have heard since ages and this is what is being passed on to us from the older generations. As people prefer security in every sense, whether it be life security, job or financial security. Because to make changes requires guts to stand alone and continue doing what one believes in.

Also, we inspire each other in the way we may have never thought of. How many of you after watching a sport inspired movies have at least once tried that sport? Inspiration lies in every corner of the world i.e. if you really open your eyes to see it.

This blog will tell you about some INDIANS who single handedly managed to bring a drastic change in the society.

  1. JADAV PAYENG– Popularly known as the “FOREST MAN OF INDIA”, a title which was conferred to him by the vice Chancellor of the Jawaharlal Nehru University in 2012, Jadav is a man responsible for creating the  forest that stands at 550 hectares today on the island of Majuli near Jorhat.

It all started when a teenager Jadav living in the state of Assam near the Brahmaputra river region noticed the decreasing number of reptiles and snakes from the forests near his house due to excessive cutting of the trees. The elders of his village told him that if a house is not made for the animals they will all die. He thought about how he will feel when instead of snakes, the number of human started to decrease. He knew he had to do something, so he went to the forest department with his problem which was actually everyone’s but it was conveniently ignored. The forest department then taunted him to start planting trees himself and that is what he did. He started planting saplings on a small deserted island near the Brahmaputra river for nearly three decades and now this full grown forests spread over many hectares of land.

People travel from across the globe to see his forest that is visited by 120 species of birds, including migratory ones; and elephants, rhinos, and tigers that visit from Kaziranga National Park. Also, a herd of 50 to 150 elephants remains in the forest for nearly three months a year. Locals call it ‘Mulai forest’; Mulai is Jadav’s nickname.

While rest of his friends have a stable , comfortable life in the cities, Jadav refused to leave the forests which was his home and live with his wife and 3 children in a hut in the village. He says that his awards are his wealth.

2.SUDHANSHU BISWAS- A revolutionary freedom fighter who was one of those many unsung heroes who were the support to the ones at front on the battlefront, is the founder of 18 schools which educates poor and orphan children with the aim of giving them a brighter life. After India gained Independence , Biswas wen toff to Himalayas to understand true purpose of life and when he came back , there was a new mission he decided to embark upon. Biswas established two Ashrams in South 24 Parganas. Later, in 1973, he set up Sri Ramakrishna Sevashram near Baruipur. By 1996, he had built 18 free schools for the poor and downtrodden in the most underdeveloped areas of Sundarbans. He also has a old age home for people from nearby villages .

It is truthfully said that a REVOLUTIONARY NEVER DIES. Now in his 90s, Biswas still continues to run the schools and even teaches mathematics to the students. Biswas has proved that Age is just a number, it is the will power that matters.

3. RITU BIYANI – After having suffered and recovered from Breast cancer herself, she made it a point to educate the women living in the tribal , urban and rural areas to educate them about Breast cancer and help them find adequate treatment for the same. In India, women generally tends to ignore their health problems as they do not wish to disturb the dynamics of her family by bringing forth her health issue. The reason being that In Indian households women carry the ultimate responsibility of the family from feeding to taking care of everyone. In the process of fulfilling their responsibilities , they often tend to care about themselves and this carelessness then leads to dangerous consequences.

Many women doesn’t know or fail to notice the early signs of breast cancer and even if they do , they fail to get proper help for the same. Ritu Biyani holds a LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS recognition in being the only woman to travel across the four points of the country to spread awareness about the same. If she might also have “minded with her own business” after getting recovered, then the many whose lives have been saved because of her efforts may have died.

Her BREAST CANCER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN continues to help those who have been living under darkness and scaredness of this disease taking them away soon.

4.GANGADHARA TILAK KATNAM-Once on a rainy day in Hyderabad, the car driven by Mr. Tilak suddenly fell, into a pothole and he ended up accidentally spoiling the uniform of kids standing nearby. He felt so ashamed for the same but again it was not his fault. Gangadhar like many other Indians could have left the matter at this but no he decided to find a solution by himself as such things which are the responsibility of the authorities are blatantly ignored by them. Now, a retired railway officer at 67, instead of enjoying his retirement he set off every morning in his car filled with gunny sacks containing tar to repair the roads himself. He picks these left over sacks from the roadsides and when the quantity fell short of the required amount , he even uses money from his own pocket.

It is his dream to see a pothole -less Hyderabad. He has until now  fill over 1,125 potholes so far. For two and half years, he filled potholes single-handedly and with his own money. Now many citizens and software engineers are joining in Gangadhara’s Shramadaan (voluntary contribution of labor). From June 2012, the GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) started supplying BT MiX material to Gangadhara.

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