Person with disabilities and education system.


Person with disabilities is considered a person who has different abilities to perform a task. Sometimes different abled people are born but sometimes they meet with an accident which causes the disability. A person can have one and more disabilities in themselves. There could be cured and uncured disabilities. 

In India the disabilities are connected with karma. If a person has some defect they might do something wrong in their past life. The karma concept believed that a person with disabilities must do some good thing so they can overcome their disabilities in upcoming life. The disable person should only focus on God so they get forgiven from god. 

 Earlier, the education system also excluded people with disabilities. They had an idea that PwD must have a different environment for their education. Their disabilities must affect the other children. Earlier the disabilities were considered touchable. So the school administration and parents do not want to include the people with disabilities in their so called normal children education system. 

The video shares an idea of inclusion at every level of society. People with disabilities discussed their struggles to get education along with their parents.  They put focus on the obstacles they had in their life. The video shows that hardly only parents accept children’s disabilities and love them as the other children of the family. 

The story of Krishna kanth and Sai Prasad who  were accepted by their parents with their disability and were encouraged to study in normal school. They said our children are our pride. No matter what they are, how they are- only the thing that matters is that they are our children. Acceptance of the people with disabilities  at home is important to their development. The love and care they get from their parents helps them to fight with their circumstances. As a family we don’t need to feel ashamed, instead we must feel proud that we have a person who has different abilities in itself. 

In our education system disabilities are considered as special cases. They don’t want to admit children with disabilities. They said we don’t have teaching staff and proper infrastructure for special needs children. 

The inequality is not only in the rural area urban education system but also part of this injustice. In rural areas, parents are economically weak; they can’t afford a special educator and any other alternative. Due to weak economic conditions both parents have to work. In that case, one of the siblings has to live at home to take care of the other child. In the end both the children remain uneducated.

In urban areas, parents have enough money but the schools don’t want to admit their children who have any disabilities. They considered the children with disabilities as the problem. They thought that their school image would be ruined because of people with disabilities.

Rekha Shani (trustee of a school) gave a statement that we have not  any issue or problem but the parents of other children deny. They said if the school admitted disable people in school or college we would not let our children go there. The statement shows how  society thinks about people with disabilities. They don’t see them with their children. The inequality is the reason many bright differently abled people are moved aboard or remain in darkness of life. Behaviour of society must be more positive toward the people with disabilities. Society is not only doing injustice to them but also other children missed the chance to learn many things from them. 

We should involve the inclusive education in our society and education system as the mandatory level. 

Uma tuli the founder of Amar Jyoti foundation new delhi said when I started the inclusive education under a tree with 30 students in which 15 children were differently abled and 15 were other people said the madam is mad. How could she teach those children with so-called normal children? But she was so determined to do her work that she opened an inclusive school for all children. The parents of other children are also happy that our children get a chance to learn more with the different abled children. The infrastructure of the school is designed to be considered for all the disabilities such as tactile path for blind children, enough length and width  of stairs and gate, ramps for wheelchairs,  special educator for differently abled children. 

People with disabilities often face physical abuse and mental harassment by the family or by society. We should encourage them, not motivate them. 

Governments play an important role to promote inclusive education among the schools. There are some policies and acts are

  • Samagra shiksha abhiyan – launched in 2018-19 by MHRD. It is an integrated scheme which promotes inclusive education in the school system. The scheme is regulated by RTE 2009.
  • Right to education- Right to free and compulsory education 2012 as per amendment, all the children ( differently abled) have right to get education. No school can deny the children in the school.
  • As per the Amendment of 2012, the RTE Act also mandates that a child with multiple and/or severe disabilities has the right to opt for home-based education.


In  the video clip we discussed what challenges faced by the person with disabilities. Society focused on the karma concept.

It’s the brain of other people who have become disable who can’t accept the diversity .

So it’s the people who are disable to see the special abilities of these children because it’s not the children who are disable it’s the environment and people’s minds who are not providing the appropriate environment. As we know all 5 fingers are different similarly all children are different and have different abilities .

Everyone should have faith in themselves and accept themselves as they are instead of feeling low or inferior . 

The external help or sympathy shouldn’t come out of pity but from the heart. 

So inclusion is not about the writing on paper but it’s important to bring inclusion in practice , action .

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