Problems during travelling in India

 No Doubt that some places in India are beautiful to live and to travel. India has very good places in terms of nature, history, paintings and architecture.

This is all about travelling in the sense of tourism, going on a trip of 8-10 days, residing in a hotel etc . Is travelling all about visiting  places for a few days? Is travelling limited to tourism?
India is a country, where everything is available at walking distance, every single street, even the remote one has at least 2 small or big grocery shops. People do not need to travel even one mile distances for groceries.
One reason behind that is people cannot afford a car, not even a scooter or bike. It's hard for them to walk every day for such essentials. Secondly, most people in India are daily wagers. People do not purchase anything in bulk. They purchase loose items as per the daily need, as labour here get daily wages. In short, people have low income and are daily wage earners.
All the facts mentioned above are the reasons why public transportation in India is so prompt. People prefer public vehicles for travelling not only long distances but also short distances of 5 kms.
Travelling even 5km is not an easy task here.  As a large population depends on public transportation, facilities here are at least as per the ratio of people. India always tries to uplift itself in terms of technology, but due to inefficiency in the government, results are not always successful. If a person books a train, the app doesn't work. If a person books for a car, it's inaccessible. There is no fixed rate to travel which is fixed by the government. The bus owners demand as per their wish.
I believe that life of every creature on this earth is valuable, but in India life has no value. You can save yourself from viruses and health issues, but what about accidents on the road, in a bus, in a train, on the street? What about the untrained drivers who can mess up the lives of 30-50 people in one moment? What about illegal driving? What about the driving of children under 18? What about drinking and driving? What about not wearing seat belts and helmets? What about overspeeding?
While travelling you always have a sword hanging upon you, either you travel in a bus, car or any means of transportation. Anytime, anything can happen. There is no security of life, luggage and other things. How uncertain life and travelling is here?
If such incidents happen to you, it's not even useful to complain. In this country, bribes and politics are so dominant. Laws are only made to show democracy, to show efforts made by the government to reduce crimes. No one here wants to work for the service of people and country. All people need is money and less work.
If you complain about any crime or a person who is a threat to your life, that person can bribe an inspector, and no one is going to listen to you, you will just revolve around the police station and courts.
Life is so precious, and travelling is a day to day necessity. It's good to travel with public vehicle since, one, everyone cannot afford personal vehicles, two, it will decrease traffic and pollution, but the government should take care of safety as its responsibility. Every individual should also be responsible for each other's safety on the basis of humanity.
No one should be so hard-hearted that threatening someone's life is so easy, and you have no regret for your actions. If by mistake you have hurt someone you can't face yourself. I don't know how someone can kill, end someone's life intentionally? How can someone feel proud in killing someone, murdering someone.
I wonder if life is really so cheap here. It's uncertain.

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