Pseudo Feminism :A menace to the society


“All men are dogs is just a pun. But yeah, you can never call a women, a bitch” said by a fake feminist who considers herself an independent women with a tag of womanism. According to the Indian Constitution every human deserves equal treatment irrespective of cast, creed, nationality and obviously gender. And off course, this has been violated a lot of times.

Discrimination such as racist attacks, caste riots and killing in the name of religion and gender serves as an example. When the belief for equality is dishonored in any way, it breeds a dysfunctional society.

In the case of feminism, male bashing has replaced the replaced the real meaning of feminism. Originated from the French language, feminism means support of equal rights of the sexes. You cannot call yourself feminist while creating a battle between the sexes neither you can support feminism while fighting for a man’s rights.

Our society has been a patriarchal society. Denying it does no good. So the philosophy of feminism is often one that takes a defensive role for women, since women have historically gone undefended

But equal rights doesn’t go with right with male thumping. Equality for all sounds too good to be honest, especially those so-called activists don’t work for such an ideal.

These fake feminist should know that no movement can do good by slandering another group of society. If that is the motive behind a revolution, that movement leads towards downfall.

These approaches which are made such group of women is completely disturbing and misleading. There is a website named “” has more than 300,000 members, but it hasn’t brought down the rates of sexual harassment cases or saved women from any kind of violence.

There are other worse issues where vigorous women can work upon rather than objectifying every possible men as a sexual predator or evil. The misleading information where feminism defines battle between sexes should be ignored. It is a battle against injustice which is being faced by about half the population.

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