Psychological facts

In this blog, we are going to see some unknown psychological facts that every human must know.

Amazing psychological facts

  1. The word psychology has been derived from a Greek word called psyche meaning to study of.
  2. When we are crying from happiness the first tear will come out from right eye whereas, when we are crying from sadness the first tear will come out from left eye.
  3. Being alone from long time is bad for health as smoking 15 cigarettes per a day.
  4. According to a survey, people who live in blue room are more productive.
  5. People aged between 18 to 33, are the most stressed in this world, while the stress tend to decrease from 33.
  6. Your brain treats rejection as a physical pain.
  7. When you try to remember a past event, you’re actually remembering the last time you remember it.
  8. We’re the most imaginative at night and least creative at day.
  9. Closing your eyes help you to remember things
  10. 97 percent of the people write there own name when given a pen.
  11. If you don’t dream, then you must have a personality disorder.
  12. Babies born on May are much more heavier than other babies in other months.
  13. 70 percent of the dreams contains a secret message.
  14. Money can buy happiness, up to a certain extent.
  15. The strangers in your dreams, actually are the people you seen in your real life.
  16. People who give the best advice, are the one who has more problems.
  17. People are much more likely to return a missing wallet, if a picture of child found inside in it.
  18. Almost twice of serial killers are born in the month of November.
  19. Our brain size has been decreased from 10 percent, when we are hunters.
  20. Funny people are more depressed than normal people.
  21. Smart people tend to have fewer mates than a normal person.
  22. Travelling improves the well being of brain and decrease the chance of getting heart diseases.
  23. 80% of the people use music to escape from negative things.
  24. If you have plan A and plan B, then plan A is less likely to succeed.
  25. Food tastes better when someone less make it.
  26. Our brain tries to make boring things more interesting.
  27. Our brain want us to be lazy.
  28. The beginning and the ending are easier to remember than the middle.
  29. The cells in your body reacts to every thing your mind says.
  30. Good liars are good at detecting lies of others.
  31. It takes about 66 days to a normal person to make a daily habit.
  32. A average person mind wanders 30% of the time.
  33. You can remember 3 to 4 things at a time.
  34. People who swear a lot are tend to more loyal and honest with there friends.
  35. The fastest supercomputer in the world requires 24 million watts of power, whereas our brain requires just 20 watts to operate 100,000 times faster.
  36. People seems to be happy when they are kept busy.
  37. Chocolate discharges the chemical Oxytocin which is the same chemical your body produces when you are happy. 
  38. You can read faster with a long line but prefer to read short line.
  39. Blue and red together is hard for your eyes.
  40. Memories can be stored for both long term and short term at a same time.

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