Reproductive Health

Total well being in all aspects of the reproduction such as physically mentally and emotionally is called Reproductive health.

All the reproductive organs should be healthy with normal function.

Major problems associated with reproductive health


  • Overpopulation causes a scarcity of every basic need.
  • It affect the well-being of reproductive health also.
  • To overcome the problem of overpopulation India started family planning program in 1951.
  • Later it was changed to reproductive and Child Health Care program in 1997.
  • A rapid decline in death rate, maternal mortality rate and infant mortality rate leads to overpopulation.

Small family, happy family

Steps to control population explosion

  • People should be educated about the advantages of smaller family.
  • Raising the marriageable age of male and female is an effective way to control the population.
  • Couples should be motivated to family planning by adopting birth control measures.

Step under reproductive and Child Health Care program

  • Increase in awareness about disease related to reproductive system example – sexual transmitted disease (STDs).
  • Increase in awareness through the audio visual media.
  • Increase in awareness about different contraceptive methods.
  • Increase awareness about sex education.

Female foeticide

  • Female foeticide can affect reproductive and sexual health of a Woman.
  • Due to the use of amniocentesis cases of female foeticide increases.
  • Amniocentesis is the technique in which amniotic fluid is studied for any type of enzyme disorder, chromosomal disorder or other bio-chemical disorder.
  • Amniocentesis method is misused to know the sex of an Unborn baby.

Sex education

  • Due to lack of education, people are not concerned about safe and hygienic sexual practice.
  • Introduction of the education in school and colleges its another step to provide right information to the youth.
  • Sex education can save the young youth people from myths and misconceptions about sex related issues.
  • Should provide knowledge about birth control methods and care of mother and child.

Our health is in our own hand…

Sexually transmitted disease


  • Caused by Gram Negative bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis.
  • Causes urethritis which result in painful urination and pus discharge.
  • In male, it causes infertility by causing oligospermia.
  • It increases the chance of ectopic pregnancy.
  • Treatment
    • Treated by antibiotics.


  • Causes by negative bacteria Neisseria Gonorrhea.
  • Causes inflammation of reproductive tract, urinary tract infection, and urethritis.
  • Treatment
    • Newly born child is given 1% AGNO3 dose to prevent eye. infection

Genital herpes

  • Causes by herpes simplex virus
  • Causes painful blisters
    • In male – glans penis and foreskin
    • In female – external genitalia
  • There is no proper treatment
  • Treatment is only to extend life.

Genital warts

  • Caused by human papiloma virus.
  • Causes Cancer of different organs such as-
    • cervical cancer
    • penile cancer
    • vaginal cancer
    • vulvar cancer
    • anal cancer
  • Treatment
    • Alpha interferon
    • cryotherapy
    • electrocautery

It is very important to provide information to the couple or who are in marriageable age group about birth control methods, care of pregnant women, important of breastfeeding, equality to the gender and equal opportunity to the male and female child, reproductive tract infections etc.

The education of reproductive health should be provided to all

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