Right to Work

Work is not man’s punishment.

It is his reward, strength, and pleasure.

Article- 4 of our constitution prohibits slavery and forced labour. Bonded labour system act was passed by the government in the year 1976 which prohibits forced labour.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

However, even to this day, there is forced labour due to caste-based discrimination, inadequate education, and an insufficient employment opportunity.

Unemployment is one of the major causes of forced labour in India. Unemployment is mainly faced by people who are economically and socially backward.

Though the government has taken many steps like Integration Rural Development Program, Training for Self-Employment, the Swarna Jayanthi Yojana etc., most of the illiterates are not aware of these acts.

Even when employed the workers who are working in unorganised sectors are exploited. They do not have fixed working hours and are poorly paid.

Right to work is constitutional right and we as citizens of India must ensure that this right is properly executed and implemented by all the organizations.

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