Saving Biodiversity

We have lost 7% of intact forests since 2000 globally. Climate change along with pandemic exerts an additional stress on ecosystem. Focusing on maintaining a healthy ecosystem concept of “ONE HEALTH” for all organisms should needed to be in cooperated everywhere. In 2018 India, PM’s science and tech and innovation advisory council in consultation with MO environment, forest, climate change, approved a National mission on biodiversity and human well being. Banglore based biodiversity working in prepare road maps on same. This will strengthen science of restoring, conserving, and sustainably utilizing India’s natural heritage and target. India will emerge as a leader linking conservation of natural assets and socialist well-being.

Important framework: Mission offers a holistic framework, integrated approaches, and widespread societal participation and empower India to restore, our natural assets by millions of crores of rupees, mitigation programs, biodiversity-based agriculture while also creating millions of green jobs in restoration of degraded lands (1/3 of total land) and nature tourism, helps to meet convention on biological diversity, generate a strong national community committed to sustaining biodiversity, Scientific inputs, especially related to geospatial informatics and policy, can guide the development of strategies for conservation and ecosystem management.

Need for a cadre:

  • We need a strong and extensive cadre of human resources required to meet the enormous and complex environmental challenges of the 21st century.
  •  It needs training professionals of the in sustainability and biodiversity science, along with an investment in civil society outreach.
  • Public engagement, whether it is in the policymaking arena, or in exploration, restoration and conservation of biodiversity, is a critical component of the planned Mission.

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