A strong economy is the source of national strength .

In an economy , the production & consumption of goods & services are used to fulfill the needs of those living & operating within. In short an economy is an area of the production , distribution & trade , as well as consumption of goods & services by agents & these agents are not someone other but are we only. These agents are individuals , businesses , organizations, or government.

Till here we can conclude that people makes up an economy.

Now lets jump on the topic which is saving lives or saving economy . In this situation of pandemic i.e., COVID 19 , lakhs of people have lost their lives , their livelihood , their families . For controlling this situation , which can be controlled only by not coming in contact with an affected person & by maintaining social distancing & self consciousness , government has laid many rules & one such rule is ” lockdown” . Never before we have heard of this word of this word but in past 2 years each one pf us has experienced it . It is a situation where every one is restricted to move out of their houses , factories were shut , many people last their jobs , because of which employment rate decreased , those who have lost their jobs migrated to their villages, All & all we can say that lockdown had the most drastic effect on the economy . lockdown is one among the reason for falling of the economy.

But lockdown was not applied to do so , rather it was meant to protect people , so that we could break the chain of Corona virus . Because of this rule of lockdown , people avoided gathering & because of this lockdown only we are able to defeat & break the chain of COVID 19 . Government took this step though knowing that this will have negative impact on the economy but we all know that it is ‘we’ who makes up an economy , & if we are safe the economy will improve for sure . Because for production you need people , for consumption you need people, for trade you need people , & for distribution you need people. So if people are safe economy is safe .

So this pandemic taught us the importance of lives , we all should thank the all mighty & our health workers for saving many lives & according to me saving lives is more important than saving economy but this doesn’t mean ignoring economy & economic development . Saving lives with holding economy & adopting every measure to save it , will leads to development of both , because both the factors are directly proportional to each other & fall in one will leads to fall in other. Hence saving lives will improve economy because at the end we all know people makes up an economy.

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