” As a child we always to grow up fast, but now we realize that incomplete homework and broken toys were far better than unfilled dreams and the world outside”. As a child grows so do his tension and responsibilities. Well this cannot define the difference between the school life and collage life but provide us a sufficient outline. We always wanted to grow up fast like our parents so that no one can scold us or instruct us to do anything.

In school life there are tension of studies rather I would suggest that if we take up studies as daily routine like bathing, eating etc. then we would feel relieved of this tension. In school we have teacher to support us like a mother and expects u to be disciplined so that we are on the right path of a bright future. We enjoy a lot under the motherly warmth of our teachers at school.

we always wanted freedom, we used to think it exist. Does it? Yes it does. it exist in the frank discussion with our teacher in school. It exist in the fight over over stupid matter with friends in school. It exist in playing pranks with friends and teachers in school. It exist in passing a lovely smile to teachers for even the gravest mistake in school.

when at school, we feel that we are bound by many rules and regulations and once we will reach college we will be free bird, no teacher will force us to attend classes, no uniforms etc. But no, we are under a false notion. At college we may be misguided and go astray without the supervision of teachers. There the students who care for studies have to keep themselves updated and are bound to attend classes whether they wish to or not because attendance does matter and carries marks! In collage you are best judge of good and bad. The so called freedom is a merge because responsibility of your actions lies in you. I am in college and I know the freedom out here it is illusion.

However it is school life which gives us the real freedom to live in cocoon of care, concern and commitment of our teachers. The best phrase to sum up school life would be free life.

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