I think everyone have the memories of your school life which never fades. The most cherished and enjoyed part of our life would definitely be our school life, right? Though, we go to college or job but the happiness might not be equal to the happiness in school life. Am I right guys? But the children these days do not know the happiness of this school life. This would be a great regret in their life. This pandemic has affected our daily lives. This affected our life greatly. Due to this, the children miss their school life and focussed on the online classes which is the greatest regret of the parents these days. The usage of mobile phone in such a young age may develop the habit of laziness in children. They may have eye problems. Let me tell you about school life now and then. Yes, I will share you how I enjoyed my school life. We were the last batch to complete school life before the pandemic started. We feel lucky for that.

School Life - children off the 60s
School days before Covid-19

As I said, the most unforgettable part in our life is our school days. Yes, school makes one built their character and knowledge of life. The most things can be learnt only in school days. This is a palce where every student tries to be the best in his work and want to use the school life the most to be a successful person. There they learnt to be disciplined and how punctuality matters a lot. Punished for being late teaches them to be a punctual person and this can be applied wherever he goes. Schools shape our character, mold our mental attitudes and fashion the basic principles of life. Most of us would have spent the most happiest days in school only. Think about it.

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The children fight among themselves to prove they are the best in the class. The attention of students towards teachers are very high those days. Though they didn’t do their homework or didn’t work hard, during the time when examination dates are announced they show their strength to the fullest. Yes, the competition to be the first is always a fire in their mind. School teaches us how to respect others and befriendly with everyone. School is the place where we first identify our talents. There were many competitions which encourage them to prove themselves. This brings out dancing ability, singing, etc. Some children are interested in sports and teachers help them to be the best in their sports. To say bluntly, teachers are the pillars of school life.

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The best companion of School life

The loyal and life long friends can be made only in your school life. Yes, the school friends are the ones who befriend with you without any expectations. Everyone can’t be able to forget the attrocities done with your friend right? At times, getting punishments together or making your friend a scapegoat and these cannot be forgotten. Sharing food and snacks are the best parts. This teaches us to be friendly and generous to the people around us. In every class, there will always be a group of gang and fight between them for silly things are unforgettable. Possesiveness over your friend and ego clashes between them are the most enjoyable things in school life. But the children these days miss the school days and this pandemic has made the situation worst.

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Days goes, trend changes. This pandemic has made things difficult for children. They have become lazy and didn’t know about their school at all. They are studing through online class. Will it cultivate all the good habits ? No, puntuality and other things can only be taught in school. They are sure to miss this. Attending classes online may bring health issues and eye problem etc., But we should adjust this and be safe for now. I hope the pandemic will end soon and the children will be able to attend their live classes and cultivate their character. Doctor advices children to hear the online classes rather than seeing the mobile or laptop for the full day.

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