Sleep-the need

One of the important part of your daily routine, which helps to do all other tasks of the day perfectly is a good sleep. Or we can say quality sleep. Every animals without any discrimination need sleep. It is as essential as food and water. Without sleep it becomes harder to concentrate on the tasks. It is basically essential to keep human being sane. Sleep is also important to functioning of brain. It also influences the communication of nerve cells. Many unwanted things your brain built during the day are removed while you are sleeping. Lack of sleep increases the chances of getting affected by different disorders.

how much a person sleep?

Need for sleep and pattern of sleep differ with age. A newborn sleeps almost 16-18 hours, while a grownup may sleep only for 8 hours. Even sleep pattern differs between individuals of same age group. But an average time is decided by surveys and studies. This not a prescription, but a result of a study. Average school student may need 9 hours sleep. Adults sleep for 7-8 hours. Older people normally sleep less. Children sleep very deep and their sleep will not get disturbed easily. But older people tend to get disturbed and awakened easily.

mechanism of sleep

Two things maintain your sleep mechanism. You may have heard of circadian rhythm. This directs different functions of the body like metabolism, body temperature, alertness, hormone release etc. This rhythm also controls sleep. This rhythm decides when you should be awake and when you should sleep. This rhythm makes you sleepy at night and makes you alert during the day time. This circadian rhythm gets synchronized with your surrounding environment. This may include your habits or weather around you like temperature or intensity of light. But they will work in the absence of these little information.

The other thing is the homeostasis. This keeps a track of your need of sleep. This works as a reminder telling your body to sleep at a certain time. This is the thing that maintains hoe intense your sleep is going to be. If you are deprived of sleep, this makes you sleep longer when you get to sleep.

There are many factors that influence your sleep mechanism. The medications if you are on any, your medical condition, The place where you sleep and your food habits. Exposure to light makes it difficult to sleep because some special cells in the eyes process the light and instructs the brain whether it is daytime or night. The Jet lag people face after a long flight is because of the disturbances in the circadian rhythm. people face problems when there is imbalance between the body clock and the actual clock.

some tips to sleep well
  • Try maximum to be in sync with the natural clock.
  • Try to sleep and getup everyday at same time.
  • Take care about your food habit and eat healthy.
  • Try to make your room completely dark while sleeping but be in bright light in the day time when you are fully awake.
  • Stay away from mobile or television at least 1 hour prior to your sleep.
  • Include exercise in your daily routine.
  • Avoid caffeine or nicotine as the sleep time is approaching near to you.
  • Be as much stress-less as you can.
  • Keep your room quiet.

a good sleep is everyone’s need and don’t allow your busy life to take a toll on your sleep. Sleep well and be healthy and be productive.

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