This is the era of the 21st century, the era of technology, advancement and growth, digitalization has reached its peak.
Earlier technology was bare minimum. No electricity. No transportation. No watch. No television. No radio or any other means of communication.
In order to send a message in the very ancient period it is said that pigeons were used. It would take months for a message to reach as messages were sent with the help of messengers. Further development came. Postal system was created which was quite faster than those messengers.
As time passed, people and technology developed, computers were invented, systems of typing and faxing were invented through which sending messages became much quicker.
Further after 2000's when Remote sensing and GIS developed, launching of Satellites developed, Internet facilities developed, system of e-mail facilities developed, and sending messages became the game of a few seconds. As time passed Google search engine came into existence after Yahoo. As mobile phones developed the Short Message Service(SMS) became far easier and faster. Social networking sites developed in which we can frequently send messages and can communicate live.

After 2010 when these facilities became more developed and faster, for the convenience of people and in order to stop corruption, the government of India decided to digitize all the banking facilities. This made it possible to withdraw and deposit money via online services. Government is trying to go cashless with less paper work as soon as possible so that people can operate or can take advantage of banking facilities sitting in any part of the country. Also people could adapt themselves to the changing scenario of developing technologies.

It's the universal truth that even the bestest thing in this world has its own disadvantages. Let's say love, which is the most beautiful thing, has its own drawbacks. Similarly non-development of technology as well as the development of technology has their flaws. Another truth is that people in India don't want to work. They want to earn money without struggling. They either beg or use their smart, intellectual and intelligent mind in doing frauds. They want to make money by cheating others.
On one hand technology is becoming a boon in the sense of quickness and comfort. On the other hand it is a boon for those ethical hackers. These people play with the psychology of people, they study the mindset of people and accordingly they plan to cheat on them and grab money from them.
They take help of links, messages and email through which they can lure people. They send random emails giving their identity as a manager of any foreign company. They invoke greed in people as being a lucky winner or a jackpot winner of crores of rupees. One who gets caught in their trap, they ask them to deposit huge amounts of money as service tax, transaction fees, conversion fees before transferring money, which they never send. These types of hackers operate these cells from some remote areas. Some people, even literate ones get caught in the trap of greed invoked by these hackers.
Secondly, phishing is a type of online fraud done by hackers, through sending links. If a person clicks on the link the account and the phone goes in control of the hacker. They can withdraw all the money without the owner's consent. Sometimes they behave as a worker in a bank, by saying that they want to renew their accounts and ask OTP (one time password) from them. They build a person's trust by giving them all the general information of their bank account.
On social media too people do too many frauds by offering jobs, money, gold and many other items by which even a mature and literate person becomes a prey of these hackers.
The bad thing is they have no fear of anybody. If someone identifies them, they are fearless, they continue to cheat because they consider people as dumb.
Another, more sad thing is that when a person faces such kind of fraud he looks forward to police and crime branch but officers over there don't give a damn to these complaints. They don't even notice it. They don't take any actions against these hackers, which makes them more confident and strong on whatever they are doing and that's the reason they have no fear.
Another reason is the government has the least focus on such big issues of the country.
I agree that despite this much awareness, because of people's dumbness and greed, people get caught in these traps, but somewhere I feel that the government is failing to spread awareness and in taking actions against it. Many people who face these frauds are the ones who are in need of money, and hence they get caught in a trap. Many of them earn every penny with great efforts and by giving blood and sweat.
This is a very serious problem of theft on the internet, which is going to become a bigger problem for the people of the country, as technology advances. Hackers and their way of hacking is also getting advanced.
The Internet, technology and advancement are for making our life easy. One should use it smartly, because it depends on us whether we make this advancement of technology as a bane or boon for ourselves.

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