Some Healthy Vegetables

Everyone wants to live a healthy life & to live like that you have to know the ways for being healthy .Food takes a great role in this case .As you know vegetables are very nutritious & it keeps us healthy .Some vegetables have much nutrition value than other vegetables .Come & take a look at them .


1.SPINACH : Spinach is a greeny & leafy vegetable .It’s origin is Persia .

Scientific Name — Spinacia  oleracea is its scientific name .

This vegetable is very nutritious & it often is eaten as salads or juice .It can be eaten in both ways, raw & cooked .

Spinach salad

Nutrients — 100 gm of raw spinach contain 3.6 gm Carbohydrates ,2.9 gm Proteins ,2.2 gm Dietary  Fibers ,0.4 gm sugars (as the form of Glucose & Fructose) ,0.4 gm Fat ,0.18 mg Vitamin B2 ,0.73 mg Vitamin B3 ,0.19 mg Vitamin B6 , 99 mg Calcium ,2.7 mg Iron ,79 mg Magnesium ,79 mg sodium , 558 mg potassium , 49 mg phosphorus .  It also contains Folate ,Vitamin E ,vitamin K , Vitamin A ,Vitamin B1 ,Vitamin B2 ,Zinc , Manganese ,zeaxanthin, lutein  etc. Spinach Also contains 91.4 mg water . It gives away 97 kilo joule energy .

Benefits — 1)It prevents ageing effect by preventing the free radicals from oxidation  of our body cells . 2)The carotenoids in spinach improves our retina, that’s why it is good for our eye health . 3)Vitamin K  which is present in spinach , helps in  blood clotting . 4) The nitrates of spinach keep the marginal level of blood pressure and prevent heart diseases . 5)Some research shows that spinach also fights against cancer .

Bell peppers

2.BELL PEPPER : It Is a very crunchy and tasty vegetable and full of Nutrition . It comes with various colours like green red yellow orange and also in purple . 

4 Common Color of Bell Pepper

Scientific Name —  Capsicum  annuum  is its biological species name .

some other colors of Bell peppers

It Is eaten in a cooked manner but it also can be eaten raw in salad .

Bell pepper salad
Bell pepper recipe

Nutrients —  red ,yellow, green, purple, orange And other various colored bell peppers have the same nutrients .100 gram bell pepper have 6 gram carbohydrate , 42 grams sugar ,1 gram protein ,2.1 g Fibers , 0.3 gram fat ,0.05 mg Vitamin B1, 0.48 mg vitamin B3 , 80 mg Vitamin C , 0.2 mg Vitamin B6 , 10 mg calcium,10 mg magnesium , 20 mg phosphorus , Free mg zinc ,0.3 mg iron ,175 mg Potassium etc. It also contains some amounts of vitamin B2 , Folate , phosphorus , Vitamin K ,Vitamin B9 , vitamin E ,many antioxidants(zeaxanthin, lutein) .Yellow and Orange wallpaper contains carotenoids & many other nutrients . It contains 92% water .It gives us 84 kilo joule energy.  Benefits — 1) zeaxanthin, lutein ,Vitamin A, Vitamin K , Vitamin C  work as antioxidants for our body . 2) Bell peppers help to prevent anemia Due to the presence of Vitamin C & iron . 3) The continents of bell peppers are good for our eye health . 4)Bell peppers help in metabolism by raising up the body temperature and kick out the toxins from our body . 5)Bell peppers are also good for our respiratory system like lungs & other parts .

Sea weed

3.SEA WEEDS : Seaweeds are produced from algae (green algae or Chlorophyta ,Brown algae or Phaeophyceae ,Red algae or Rhodophyta etc) which are found in the sea . It is eaten cooked in salad & soup .Various types of seaweeds are available based on from which algae it is produced .

Dried sea weed

Nutrients — Seaweeds are a very good source of vitamins and minerals . It contains proteins, iron , and copper carbohydrate fibre in high amounts . It has very low calories . As for vitamins riboflavin , vitamin A ,Vitamin C ,vitamin E, vitamin K and many essential amino acids are present in Seaweeds .It also has many antioxidants . various seaweed units contain various amounts of nutrients ,carbohydrates ,fibers ,polyunsaturated fatty acids etc.

Sea weed recipe

Benefits —  1) sea weeds are very good for our gut health . 2) It is a diet vegetable which helps to to lose weight . 3) It controls the blood sugar level in our blood . 4) It also helps to prevent heart diseases and protect our cardiovascular system . 5)Seaweed also has a very important role in our body’s thyroid function .

Brussels sprouts

4.BRUSSELS SPROUTS : It is a green vegetable & it looks like a small ball of cabbage .

Vegetable Brussels Sprouts

Scientific Name — Brassica oleracea  is its species name . 

It can’t be eaten raw . 

Nutrients — 100 grams of brussel sprout contains 8.9 gram carbohydrate ,3.8 gm dietary fibers ,3.48 gram of protein , 0.1 mg of Vitamin B1, 0.7 mg of vitamin B3 , 0.3 mg of Vitamin B5 , 0.2 mg of Vitamin B6 , 85 mg of Vitamin C , 19 mg of choline , 42 mg calcium , 1 mg iron , 23 mg magnesium ,25 mg sodium ,389 mg potassium , 69 mg phosphorus 7 many other  nutrients and antioxidants .It gives 179 KJ energy & contain 86 gm water .

Cooked Brussels sprouts

Benefits — 1) Brussels sprouts fight against cancer & prevent it in our body . 2)It also helped by working on the reduction of inflammation in our body . 3) Brussel sprouts maintain the blood sugar level in our blood  and it is good for diabetes patients . 4) It helps to lose weight so it is a very good diet vegetable . 5) Brussels sprouts are good for blood clotting to lose more blood .

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