Startup Stories - Vahak

The logistics sector has seen a growth of about 59% during the lockdown period. Primary reasons attributing to the growth of the sector is the order of essential services online to avoid the covid spread. While we were staying safe behind the doors, the logistics sector worked relentlessly to fulfill our needs. Ever wonder what’s happening in the logistics sector? There are certain hard challenges faced by the logistics sector. There were delays in the delivery and sometimes tracking of goods seem to be even more difficult. This is because of a lack of networking with the driver communities, following the superannuated process of tracking and competitive market. 

Vahak is a startup that has developed an online community wherein a customer can easily interact with the drivers,  book a lorry or a truck and thus transport their goods from point A to B. The app can be beneficial for both sides. The customer can get his booking done in no time with minimal calls and can place bids for the same. The drivers on the other hand can get the details in prior, have regular jobs, and assured payments. Sounds like a win-win situation right? Of course, it is. To add adornment to the user experience, vahak has made the service at zero commission. Their website design seems to be simple and appealing.


Vahak was founded in 2017 has seen steady growth in both sales and finance since then. Adoption of new technology and addressing an issue prevailing in the market over the years would be salient in attracting investors. Vahak is never an exception in such a case. They have raised their initial round of seed funding from Leo capital venture. Recently they created a buzz in the market by raising a fund of about 5 million dollars in their pre-series A funding by Luxor Capital and its existing fund venture Leo capital. 

Team members of vahak said in an interview that “ the platform has around 10,000 active loads every day”. 

They are serving 3000+cities in and around India and they are aiming to develop their platform significantly in the near future. The fund would be utilized in a way that the network expands and henceforth the business flourishes.

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