Status of women in household and education.

Women in region of India

India- the place of love, worship, harmony, diversity and unity. Indian religious book said we have to respect everyone as gender, colour and race. In this article we are going to know the women in different regions of India. Women are considered as the supreme in our dharma. They are provider, preserver,  destroyer and creator. 

In India we have four major regions- 





And the other we divided our four regions into urban and rural areas. The condition of women crossing over in the nation is different from one to another. Somewhere patrichay is following (north of India)  and another part of India is following matrichay (south of India).  

We are going to talk here about the status of women in different region on the behalf of


a). Household

Household chores considered the woman’s responsibility to do. We all hear many times that she is a girl and must know how to do household chores.

 In the north region of India, the urban area household is considered the primary job of the woman. The woman should be well educated but pursuing her career or not would be decided by her in-laws. Care taking of their children and family must be their prime concern whereas in Rural areas women have to work in the field too (uttar pradesh, haryana, punjab, himachal pradesh, uttrakhand). They need to work at home and also must be provided financial support to their families. The point should be noted that the household chores responsibility is reliant on women in urban as well as rural areas of the north region of India. But in rural areas women have to give financial support to their family.

In the south region of India, the condition of women is a little better than other regions. They have to work at home of their choice. The major importance is given to their education and career. 

In the west region of India (rajasthan, gujrat, maharashtra) women not only have to work at home they have to maintain the ritual prosperity of their house. In urban Women work at home and join the other functions of society whereas in rural areas women responsibilities increase. They have to carry the drinking water for their family.

In the east region of India most of the communities are tribal. The women have to do all the household chores. They work in the field. 

In every region of India or I must say world the household responsibility always relies on the woman’s shoulder. 

b). Education

Education is the one of the most important aspects which can help women to stop their oppression in society. Education brings the knowledge that enlightens the inner strength of an individual person. 

In the north region of India women get a chance to get qualified graduation in rural areas. The main purpose of educating the girls in urban areas is to get them married to a high profile family Whereas in rural areas women only passed with higher secondary education. Most of them young girls drop out from the school after the 8th class. The reason behind could be unavailability of resources and lack of reach education to them. 

In the south of India women are highly educated. They get a chance to pursue their career. In rural areas as well as urban areas, women get equal chances to study. Even the region has the highest literacy rate in India.

In the east region of India the literacy rate of females is 70.3%. Women in urban areas are qualified with degrees and work out of the region whereas in rural areas women are literate; they can write, read and do arithmetic . 

In the west region of India women are educated in urban areas and mostly work in high ranking offices. But they have to study in their states. In rural areas women get a chance to study. Most of the time the young girls have to drop out from the school for their early marriage.

In this article we discussed the status of household and education of women in different regions of India.

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