Steps Of Nature Conversation

Our nature consists of the green trees, plants, various animals, humans and even the non-living elements such as air, water, soil together all these constitutes of the nature in which we live in. But recently human development adversely affects the nature and toxifies it through pollution. But things cannot go this way if it continues soon our nature and environment will become unworthy to sustain life, thus we need to take steps to conserve our nature and natural resources. Steps which we can take in order to conserve our nature are:

  1. Deforestation is the practice of cutting down of trees for human needs, we need to reduce this practice as it reduces the oxygen supply in the environment, it is also the major cause of soil erosion also.
  2. We should engage and more into planting trees as it will increase the greenery, improve the oxygen supply, regulate the rain cycle and meet other human needs.
  3. We should use more of public transport or try to walk or cycle to nearby destinations, this will reduce the emission of fossil fuels.
  4. Waste materials before being dumped into soil or water bodies should undergo treatment.
  5. The use of air conditioners should either be reduced or replaced as they emit CFC’s which is very harmful for the nature.

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