Everyone in this world faced this kind of situation lots in their life. stress occurs when one’s desires are not fulfilled properly or ended negatively . I am not a psychiatrist I am just a student who have gone through lots of stress in my life and everyone has too. But I didn’t give up that’s my power . I become more and more confident when I raised my positive outlook in life. Always ask this questions when you’re in stress.

1)what’s the reason behind my stress?

2)Is this stress necessary ?

3)why I’m thinking that this bad luck will last long throughout my life?

4)what are the ways to remove my poor mindset?

Answering this questions itself gives you a lot of clarity. Here are some things that humans commonly do avoid that

1)Comparing your life with others life:

Avoid this kind of thinking. your personality and life is different from others then why comparing your life with others. They may look like happier but they only know how much stages they have gone through in their life. So, don’t have this silly thought that what kind of troubles that they have faced in their life. Human life is of two sides negative and positive .Everything is connected when we face negative side we learn and the result is success (positivity) that’s how life works.

2) Avoid jealousy:

This kind of character will destory you . Don’t get jealous about others instead compliment them. It will make you happier than ever. Instead of being jealous , learn from them.Use that knowledge to improve yourself in your own way. Being Jealous is a waste of time as it will not improve you instead it will degrade you on a lower level.

3)Positive outlook :

whatever happens in your life look in positive outlook. The universal truth is whatever thing you took it will have both advantages and disadvantages .

For example: Morning and Night . Let’s keep morning as happiness and night as sadness . If you like only the morning time and you keeping it for the full day and avoiding the night .For somedays you can survive but living for longer period destroys the world as well as you due to the aggressive heat of the sun . That’s how universe works . In your life too you have to face both in order to balance your life . Instead of getting stressed accept this truth and it will help you to grow .

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