Studies and Exams during Pandemic

Being a student is never easy. Living up to the parents expectations, constantly being compared to others with better grades and competing with fellow students and friends may sound easy but is really very difficult. Competition has been increasing day by day along with our population. Fees of schools and colleges have been increasing, seats for prestigious universities are decreasing and the number of people fighting for those seats are growing drastically.

Adding to that, this pandemic situation has taken a toll on students and teachers equally. But students being on the receiving end from each and every side. Teachers and parents used to scold children for spending time in front of TV’s, computers and mobile phones. They used to tell us that it is not good for our eyes and we may get headache, weak eyesight, etc. But now, the very same teachers and parents are asking us to spend hours in front of those small screens daily.

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An average student has to spend a minimum of 6 hours a day in front of his mobile or computer screens to attend his online lectures. He then has to finish boatload of assignments and homework which have to be submitted the following day. Keeping all those aside, he even has to attend to exams physically, all the way to his examination hall. Now, a student has to risk his life to write an exam.

Being prepared mentally and physically for all those exams is not a cake walk for any student. He has to bear his headaches caused due to online classes, manage his workload of assignments and studies simultaneously. Preparing the notes on his own or studying again from his mobile will one day weaken his eyes and damage his nerves. Leading such a stressful lives and yet being scolded for bad results can only be possible by a student.

Take regular breaks from classes and try to lighten your workload. Ask anyone for help if you are feeling stressed or depressed. It is okay to take a temporary break from your life and enjoy everything. Update everything about yourself to any close friend to make him know if you are facing any difficulties. This is your life and no one will scold you for being you.

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