The only reason I believe in happy endings

Like SRK said if the ending is not happy ending then, “Picture abhi baki hai mere dost”. When the sky is in it’s beautiful colours and the sun is going down, may be they are trying to say us that look, “the endings can be beautiful too”, may be they are giving us hope, hope for better and beautiful future, may be, they are trying to say us that, let go what happened today, just forgot what happened in the past by looking at this beautiful sunset skies and look forward to every sunrise, it’s your golden opportunity to “RESET”.

It’s the nature of life that things don’t stay the same but sunsets are the proof that, they can end beautifully, so don’t give up, just keep going no matter what happens the end gonna be beautiful. After entire day work just you, a cup of coffee and beautiful sunset with your favourite music will help you to forgot about all your worries and you’ll just want to live in that moment forever when the sky is in it’s beautiful colours. The world is fighting against the virus and we are too young to dealing with all this, so much has happened, so much is happening, at some point in our life we all feel depressed, sad and lonely, sometimes we just want to give up and it’s a life but, DON’T, comfort yourself by looking at these beautiful sunset skies.

Some people may sound like that, you need to do something special in life, and that’s not true. They will judge you at every point in your life but, don’t think, don’t put so much thoughts into what you’re doing and what others are saying or what others will say, you just have to keep going. Start doing things for yourself let them call you selfish sometimes it’s really okay to be selfish.

Also always remember, you are just a little bit doubtful of your potential and unsure of your worth but you are as amazing as these sunset skies.

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