“Life is short so don’t risk it.” We know how important personal hygiene is, as keeping our body, hands and hair clean can stop the spread of germs and illnesses. Personal hygiene is defined by the practices you take to look after your physical health to avoid diseases by maintaining a certain level of personal cleanliness. It is a key element in our daily routines to live a healthy life. Thorough out our whole life a bunch of people or maybe even ourselves get diseases which could be life threatening and usually people consider the main reason for this to be not getting access to something and being careless about your surroundings. What they don’t know is that hygiene plays a very important part in not getting in contact with these diseases. For example during this ongoing pandemic, most people catch the virus because they don’t take the proper precautions like sanitizing yourself or wearing masks. Therefore taking care of your personal hygiene is a very important thing to do if you want to lead a healthy life.

Few basic ways in which we can maintain personal hygiene could be through simple activities like taking a shower atleast once a day, brushing your teeth twice a day, making sure to floss your teeth, applying deodorant to avoid foul smell, washing your body with soap, cutting your nails, washing your hair properly thrice a week, making sure your face is clean before going to sleep, wearing comfortable clothing, changing your pillowcases once a week, cleaning your phone screen to remove it of any bacteria, wearing a mask, carrying sanitizers, washing your hands with proper techniques, covering your mouth while sneezing your coughing, applying sunscreen even if you aren’t going out, putting on perfume or body mists. It is important to change sanitary products regularly and to wash the hands before and after changing tampons, pads, or any other sanitary products. As vaginas are self-cleaning, using soap to clean the vagina can cause an imbalance of its natural bacteria and lead to infections. The vulva (the external part of the vagina) should only need cleaning once a day using a mild soap and water. People with an uncircumcised penis can clean it by gently pulling back the foreskin and washing underneath it with warm water or soap. If you can’t remember to do things like shower, wash your hair, clip your nails, or brush your teeth, set a reminder on your phone. The cue will push you to the activity, and over time, you’ll begin to do it yourself. Hang a reminder in the bathroom to wash your hands after using the toilet. Put a little sign by the plates or bowls in the kitchen to cue yourself to wash your hands before eating. These signs can help jog your memory and improve your habits.

Therefore maintaining personal hygiene is beneficial for you and your own health and it’s considered one way of helping you in having a healthy and safe life.

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