Teacher's Day

The pillar of the student, the second parent of any child. Why exactly do we celebrate teacher’s day? Is it that much essential? What role it actually play in our lives?

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“A teacher effects eternity; they can never tell where their influence stops.”

Well said by- Henry Adams.

The most important people in any person’s life is the one who trained you, guide you and mentor you. When a human came in to this life in this world his/her parents are the first most important people who love them and care for them. But a child cannot be live with their parents always. It is the rule of this era one should have to go outside and face the world.

Have you ever think why a child should go to school? Is his/her parents are not enough to conquer them? Absolutely not, The level to understanding that a child shared with their parents is very different which no one can attain. But at some point of time parents are quite emotional for their child, their intake are always focused on the fact that their child should resemble them. but this world, maturity, functioning of the creator doesn’t work like this. while on the other hand teacher is like a government even if we are mature enough to handle everything still there are certain decisions of which we are not at all familiar of. The mind of the teacher is like an Internet it contains lot of information and it can also give you lot of knowledge. let me share a story for that: “Once upon a time a 6 year old child got the information about the mobile phone and he really want to know more about it. As a student he is very bright and focused for his studies but also want to understand why really we need to have a mobile phone. so firstly he contacted his parents and asked them about the mobile phones. Since his parents is already using the one they show him and explain how it actually works. it really fascinate him and he requested his parents to buy them. On the other hand when he asked the same with his teacher she give him the same definition that his parents give but with a little twist, she strictly tell him to not buy for himself because of his age. It eventually angry the child and he decided he will anyhow get a mobile phone for himself and make his teacher proven wrong. And as a result he gets addicted to it, always playing games in the phone, his academic gets drastically decrease.”

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Now you understand, what is the actual meaning of teacher. They not only emotionally connected with you they are also mentally connected with you. If this person is really that much important why doesn’t we hate teacher’s so much…..funny but true.

The main reason that a person is called as a teacher is because of her students and her teaching’s. You know what, may be any teacher is just like a human being but still there are some importance that teacher have that nobody have. Do you know what is it? The patience and learning they shared to the children. Teacher’s are the only person who teach you guide you without any reason of profit their only focus is to give best knowledge to you.

So dont you think we need to give the fullest of respect to the most respected person.

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