Technology and it's influence on society.

Technology can be defined as the modification of science and scientific research that has interfered with the day to day life of an individual and aim to enhance the quality as well as standard of life. World has witnessed technological advancement at very fast pace from last century and is yet to modernise even more. Citing picture of the present world without technology is next to impossible because of its involvement in every aspect of it life be it education, health, tourism etc. However, there is downside of it all as well.

Technology has helped human in many way and made interaction easier and collaborative. World has shrunk because everyone has access to the things that is otherwise seems impossible. Connecting and creating social life has became lot more easier with the help of social media and access to internet 24×7. The advancement in technology has brought about new meaning to learning and field of education by creating vibrant environment, one and for all. Rather than searching a hella huge library for one single paper, you just need one click to have access to books, journals, research papers that saves a lot of money and time as well. Students can take exams or quizzes more easily and teachers can take classes online from anywhere in the world. Imaginig world without technical advances ,in light of pandemic or catastrophe that we are facing since 2020, in nothing less than a nightmare. World would have gone under complete shutdown without aid of otherwise called as classic cliche.

Aside from education, there is profound effect in the field of health and travelling altogether. There are thousands of health apps that you can install on your android as well as windows and can have virtual appointment with doctor, deitics, or fitness coach. Likewise, you can get your air ticket or train ticket done in no time with the help of apps. Since boon and bane comes hand in hand so is the downside of the technology.

Since we are doing everything online these days so there is extended screen time that can lead to health ramifications such as insomnia, eyestrain, migraine as well as increased anxiety and depression. As whole world is confined in the screen of the mobile phone, loneliness among youngsters has multiplied several times causing serious health issue. Without technological advancements, our way of life would not be as complex. Technological influences shape the way humans act today.

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