The Art of Conversation

Among other things, what distinguishes man from other animals is speech and language. The very fact of being man signifies speech and conversation. Conversation as a tool and vehicle of expression of ideas, emotions and experience is of great importance. It lessens pain and suffering, multiplies joy, enjoyment and exaltation and enriches experience. Man can best reveal his mind, intentions, ideas, purpose and personality through words of the mouth or talk. A man is known by his words and talk. A talk reveals a man’s inner being, his thoughts and emotions. A conversation also means participation, cooperation and interaction. This is the best means of communication and expression and also the oldest and the richest. Our oldest and most cherished religious and spiritual works were originally in the form of oral communication, conversation and dialogues. Conversation is essential for success, social interaction, business, learning and education. In a broader and general sense conversation is very comprehensive and includes a talk, lecture and public speech. A lecture or talk may be termed as an extension of conversation. In a conversation a talk is confined to two-three persons but in a speech or lecture it extends to many persons forming a large audience. Moreover, a speech is more or less a one way traffic. While conversation implies intimacy, informality, equal participation, warmth etc. A good and enjoyable conversation is an art in which both heart and mind are involved in an intimate way. It is polite, sweet, intelligent, enjoyable and close.

The art of conversation is essential for influencing people, making friends and achieving success. It can be cultivated and developed. It is a great boon which can be possessed by training, practice, patience and perseverance. One who acquires this art, his labours are fully rewarded. He is welcomed wherever he goes. People like his company and he can become a leader among equals. He will be acceptable and his reputation will acquire wings.

A good conversation is always interesting, polite, warm, relaxed natural, spontaneous, rhythmic and comfortable. A good talker and conversationalist can take his message across successfully, convince the other party and leave long lasting impression. To possess this art one has to be self confident. Self confidence carries conviction, acceptability and popularity. Success in conversation arises from confidence. To attain self confidence read as much as possible, acquire knowledge and then practice talking about it with your friends, neighbours, parents and groups of people around you. Life is full of opportunities to develop this skill. Get yourself involved in others and then get them involved in your sweet, polite, meaningful and relevant talk. There is nothing like practice. Practice makes a man perfect. Any topic is good enough to converse and practice. Make your talk interesting, informative and relevant. Attend lectures, talks and addresses of well known speakers. It will give you a lot of experience, confidence and material to talk about. Be positive, hopeful and always think of the best.

The more you talk with various people, the more you possess knowledge, experience and confidence. Exchange of ideas, experience, emotions, opinions and concepts is likely to prove a great asset in your life and career. Your conversation even with a poor shoemaker , bus conductor, illiterate farmer or an uneducated house helper would not go waste. But talk with a purpose, be conscious of your aim and object and never lose sight of what you want to achieve. Nothing should be half hearted and half bake. Never monopolise the conversation and allow others to speak. Never dictate terms but be friendly, funny, considerate, liberal and polite

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