There are numerous factors which can affect a relationship. Some of them are income levels, age difference or commitment etc. With the help of different researches and studies, it was concluded that age difference can also emerge as one of the factors for divorce and for creating odds in an relationship. Studies have concluded that, the greater the age difference between couples, the greater is the chance of ending a marriage and having divorce. Different studies were conducted for understanding the situation of marriage in different age intervals . According to different studies, couples having one or less than one year age difference have only 3% chances of getting divorced. If there is a difference of 5 years then the risk increases to 18%. And if the age difference is 10 years then the risk factor is 39%. This rate keeps on increasing with the increasing age gap. Couples who have less age gap have lesser chances of getting divorced and ending the marriage than those with someone who is very young or old as compared to the other. Individuals who are close in age belong to the same generation and have similar mindsets and outlook towards society and life. This provides a strong foundation to the relationship. These people have similar cultural references and taste, life experiences and will be achieving milestones in the same time. According to different findings, the chances of ending a marriage is highly reduced if marriage is done with the person having same age.

SMALL GAPS : Researchers have found that the couples having small age gaps have less chances of getting divorced. That’s not to say those marriages will not end in divorce. They certainly could. But the age difference would not be the reason for the divorce.

LARGE GAPS :The problem arises when the age difference is higher and the bigger the gap there is between people’s age, the more likely they are to end in divorce.

Changes happen slowly. The marriage may feel to be successful in the starting but the feeling change with time if there are unsuitable conditions. And in case of large age difference, it is seen that the people of more age feel to be more satisfied than the younger one and this eventually pushes the couple to divorce. People find themselves in different places and phases of and in life. If one thinks about his career or good health while the other will be focusing on retirement or declining health due to old ages. Despite the age differences and perspectives, people also have similar feelings and must have felt the happiness but in the similar way there will be numerous differences also. While examining or understanding any relationship it is necessary to understand both the partners. Relative ages of spouses affect if the husbands will leave their wives or the wives leave the husband and mostly it is found that the older spouses are left by the younger. Hence, spouses start to look less appealing and the thinking styles differs more and more as he or she ages, and it is absolute age that is driving divorce.

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