The book of life- Daily meditation.

Book review

Author name-Jiddu krishnamurti


He is an Indian spiritual leader. He was educated in theosophy by the British social reformer Annie Besant. His basic philosophy lies on observation. His works includes on mind and thoughts, nature, environment, relationship, living and dying, love, lowliness, fear and freedom.

Book name -The book of life- Daily mediation

Chapter -The book contains 12 chapters within itself.

Publisher’s name  –  HyperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty.Ltd.

Publishing year-Sep/2019


About the book

The book is written by Jiddu Krishnamurti at the basics of daily routine. The book is based on the observations and experiences of the author. The book is about finding the truth of life through living. This book presents the 365 days of the year. The writer was meditating and trying to find the truth of life. His experiences are interconnected with others. He started writing from January to December.

The story of man of mankind is in you, the vast experiences, the deep-rooted fears, anxieties, sorrow, pleasure and all the beliefs that man has accommodated throughout the millennia.

The book is about the listening process, learning, authority and self-knowledge. The author said, ask yourself why do we follow a leader or authority and later on we criticize them and insist on carving ourselves. Self-awareness is a process of knowing one self. It is not about isolation or withdrawal from the relationships mentioned by the author. He said self-knowledge can help to bring change in society.

The author described the sense of becoming, beliefs, action and good and evil. The author said everyone wants to become something. Becoming something is a will. A will is led by self-projections and a conflict is about struggling to reach our wills. All wills and conflicts are becoming integrated. The author mentioned the love and self, role and hinders of beliefs. He focused on the observations, action and ideas. He said goodness has no motive whereas evil things can’t be justified at any cost. 

Dependence, attachment, relationship and fear are in sync. We all depend on something, be it beliefs, religion or a person. The dependence leads to attachment. The attachment develops the relationship when the relationship starts having conflicts and a fear of detachment. The root of fear, anger and loneliness is you and I. we have to learn the tricks to deal with our fear.

The author discussed intimacy, love, lust, marriage and profession. Here also he asked the individual to leave the ego and accept the reality of life. He also discussed the intelligences, thoughts, knowledge, brain, transformation. He said aloneness is not loneliness. Mediation is the way by which we can achieve that peace and truth of life.

To choose this book for the review is my first option because the book is related to the life experiences of the author. The book consists of all aspects of life. The author discussed every topic briefly with causes and results. The book has a religious aspect of life. It is a daily life experience. How meditation helps a person to attain inner peace, the importance of self-knowledge, self- reliance and the truth of life- all the things are core essence of this book.

But I feel the book is in accidental order. The author is just assuming the things. The topic discussed by the author in this book is very common. I think he could work on some other topics too.


We are just busy in our lives. We all are lost in the darkness of sorrow, greed, anger and love. We stopped to think about the truth of life. We are just focusing on the material world. We all are ignoring our truth of life. We just have to spend our life handling some emotions like sorrow, anger and ego. The cause of the problem is only the sense of supremacy. We are just working for I and degrading you. We are not happy with what we have. We are not satisfied with what we achieved. We all are having an unnecessary race. The book gives us idea how we can deal with ourselves. Knowing yourselves, listening, hearing and what is the true knowledge we are not even don’t care about all of these things. The book focuses on this value. The attainment of true knowledge is only possible through mediation. The mediation helps to awaken your inner desire of knowing truth, learning about the real meaning of peace and maintaining the meaning of self-knowledge. The book supports love not lust. The difference between love and desire, willing and integration, loneliness and loneliness are clearly mentioned in the book. Aloneness is the essence of achieving the truth whereas loneliness is about withdrawal of your feelings. Relationship is the mirror- the lines really give a different idea about the relationship. Here the meaning of relationship is considered as knowing yourself from another point of view. I learnt the value of self-knowledge and I felt that self- knowledge is the only key to unlocking life. Controlling and managing your emotions is really important because it reflects your knowledge which could be only possible by mediation.

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