The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

What is growing old? Is it accumulating experiences and memories or making memories? Scientifically growing old means your body accumulates damages and is no longer able to function normally. What if someone could grow younger instead of older? The movie plays with a similar idea, it focuses on a man that grows younger instead of older.

The movie starts with an elderly Daisy Fuller on her deathbed in august 2005, she tells her daughter about a clock that ran backwards. The clock was installed on a station in 1918 by a clock worker that wanted it to be an memorial to everyone who lost their lives in the second world war. On the evening of November 11 19118 a boy is born with the appearance of an old man, he is abandoned as an infant on the steps of a nursing home run by Queenie and Mr Weathers. They decide to raise the boy as their own in the nursing home.

Benjamin has to use a wheelchair till 1925 as he cant walk, he however learns to walk and is given crutches. Benjamin although physically old is mentally only about 7. He meets seven year old daisy and becomes good friends with her. Wishing to see more of the world he accepts work on a tugboat captained by Mike Clark, they form a close friendship while working together. Benjamin is contacted by Thomas Button a rich older man who seems to like his company, Thomas hides the fact that he his Benjamin’s father. Benjamin leaves with Mike on along-term work engagement.

In 1941 Benjamin meets Elizabeth Abbot in Murmansk and begins courting her, in December Japan attacks Pearl harbour bringing the War to United States. Captain Mike volunteers the boat for the U.S.Navy, the boat is assigned to salvage duties. After nearly dying in a fight against a German gunboat Benjamin and some surviving crewmen are rescued by a Navy ship, Benjamin returns to New Orleans in 1945 and reunites with Queenie. Benjamin learns that Mr Weathers passed away a while back. Benjamin meets Daisy and has dinner with her before she departs for New York. Benjamin is contacted by Thomas who reveals his relation and leaves his estate to Benjamin.

In 1947 Benjamin visits Daisy in New York but leaves once he realises that she has fallen in love with someone. He meets Daisy again in 1954 after her accident in Paris, a frustrated Daisy asks Benjamin to leave her life. In 1962 their paths cross again in New Orleans, they decide to give their relationship a shot as they are of similar physical age. The two move in together in 1967, Daisy give birth to their daughter Caroline. In 1968 believing that he cant be a proper father, Benjamin liquidates his assets and leaves their lives. Benjamin travels the world alone in the 1970s.

In 1980 Benjamin meets a married Daisy who introduces him as a family friend, they part once more after a short reunion. In 1990 a widowed Daisy is contacted by social workers who find a pre-teen Benjamin living in an abandoned building. Daisy moves into the nursing home and cares for Benjamin the rest of her life. Benjamin finally dies in 2002 as an infant but chronologically 84 years old. Daisy dies having revealed the truth about Benjamin to their daughter Caroline.

This is an amazing movie with a really unique concept which explore the possibility of ageing backwards. A must watch for fans of science fiction, the plot is amazing and makes you think. The cast is amazing as well Brad Pitt plays Benjamin Button and Cate Blachet plays Daisy.

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