The Fault In Our Stars: An unforeseen expedition from novel to screen

_Aditi Raj

This is a romantic novel by John Green which was published on January 10,2012. A love story which was crazily liked by the teens. A story of joy along with devastating loss. It will make you laugh and rejoice and with fill you with gratitude at the same time. Also it will forever change the way you hear the word “okay” and yeah you will cry reading the novel. If you are one of the millions of people who have read the masterpiece ,you know this already. And still if you haven’t read this already prepare yourself-once you start reading this you couldn’t stop yourself until you complete this book, or this film unaltered. okay? okay.

It’s September 2013 on a bright afternoon in Pittsburgh, a city in Pennsylvania, and Shailene Woodley, who plays 16 year old Hazel Grace Lancaster, stands in a simple blue dress the colors of cornflowers and adjusts cannula tubes in her nostrils. Hazel is a jeans-and-tee-shirt girl. No makeup, no fuss. She also has thyroid that has spread to her lungs, so is connected to a portable oxygen tank to breathe. Not too long ago she met a boy named Augustus “Gus” Waters played by Ansel Elgort in a cancer support group. Hazel is forced by her parents to attend a support group where she later falls in love with Augustus Waters. This novel has a beautiful beginning but an unexpected and sad ending where Augustus dies.

Along with an American film adaption which was released on June06,2014 this novel was also released on Hindi feature film adaptation of the film titled” Dil Bechara” which was released on July 24,2020.Both the novel and its American and Indian film adaption were met with strong critical and commercial success.

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